knocking on random doors

It's 11:15pm and two of my roommates and I are in our pajamas taking the unbelievable amount of trash we have accumulated out to the garbage cans. We come back inside and find four dandy looking guys and two cute girls standing at our door. They ask us, "hey, you're in the 52nd ward, right?" and we look at them and say yes, and they yell, "So are we!!" Apparently they had been knocking on random doors to see if people were in our ward. They asked us if we wanted to come along, and of course we had to, so we changed and came along for the ride.
At every door, one of the guys would ask and see if the girls were in our ward, and after a hesitant confirmation, we responded with a "hey we are too!" and asked if they wanted to join us in finding more people in our ward. I think we had 24 people in the last room time talking and getting to know each other.
I'm so grateful for crazy crap like this and college and the fact that the freshman ward doesn't seem scary now.

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