class of 2015

Well, this is it.
12 years of public education has led me to this point. All of my hard work culminated in the space of two and a half hours, and then it was over.
All during the ceremony I had surreal moments of, wow I'm really graduating. It really freaked me out! I am not old enough to be graduated. I still feel like I'm in eighth grade and going to a new school in Utah.

ANYWAY the traffic was unreal to graduation. Alex, Steevo, and I all drove together and got there a little late, but thankfully nothing had started yet. We waited for half an hour until everyone was there, and walked out to the cliche graduation song. There were so many people there to watch us grab our diplomas, it was unreal. All the speakers spoke and pretty soon it was my turn to walk out. What a moment! It was over so fast.

It was absolute chaos afterward. I didn't have my phone, and there were a million people everywhere! Eventually (after what felt like twenty years) I found my family and took pictures for the next half hour. I still couldn't believe that this was the last time that all the seniors of American Fork High School would be in the same place doing something.

 Okay but really what are you supposed to do after you graduate? My friend's family just got a new beamer, so we drove around in it to see how it ran. Oh my heck what a ride!

Alex, Steevo, Jen, and I went to the Quarry in Provo to go climbing! It was so fun. It was here that I realized that I'm not as strong as I thought I was. hahahah I cannot climb to save my life! But the little kid climbs were really fun for me.

The senior all nighter was insane! It was from 10pm-3am at Boondocks. Right when we got there, we went and did laser tag. I realized that I love shooting people! But, not like in a bad way, ya know? We spent the next five hours doing mini golf, go karts, shooting games, eating food, and so much more! By the end of the night we were spent! But we still went to Ihop and got some pancakes. Which, apparently, was every other senior's idea of fun, so there were quite a few people there. And, bless her heart, there was only one waitress, and it was only her second week on the job. Oh my word!

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