chasing sunsets

 Today I had to work and Kara texted me asking if I wanted to go to a Utah Premier Brass concert in the park. I had to say yes because I wanted to hang out with my best friend, and who could turn down a concert with amazing music in a park in the summer? As we drove down, we sang along to the radio and laughed and laughed cause that's what best friends do. We set up camp chairs in the middle of the park and closed our eyes and just listened to the amazing music that was performed. Oh my word, if I could play like that, I wouldn't ever stop playing ever.
As we headed onto the freeway, we saw THE most beautiful sunset ever. Now, Kara is probably the most sunset-obsessed girl I've ever met, and because of that, I love sunsets too! We were seriously fuh-reaking out about it. The whole sky was illuminated in a beautiful orange, pink, purple haze that was spread from one side of the valley to the other. There were rays poking out from behind the clouds.
We shouted and screamed and pointed and screamed some more. Then we realized how tight a picture of it would be, and sped home to get my camera! The car she was driving doesn't have a working speedometer, so we literally have no idea how fast we were going. We were racing against the setting sun! I grabbed my camera, and we raced over to the temple parking lot because we thought we would have a good view from there. The trees all hid the gorgeous light, so we headed down to the amphitheater and there we saw it. Oh my word.
It was the mother of all sunsets. The most gorgeous thing my eyes have ever seen. We set up my tripod and took so many pictures (many of which didn't turn out, but who cares?) and just stared in awe at the beauty before us. 

I like to think that this sunset was made just for me, from my Ojiichan, to let me know that life is good and he is good, and he is happy where he is. Seeing something as beautiful as this sunset made me realize how amazing the plan of happiness really is. The fact that I get to see my Ojiichan again warms my heart and gives me comfort. Heavenly Father knows me so well, and it never ceases to amaze me!

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