seeeenyaaa praaahhhmmmm

We were having a mean girls spring fling moment, okay?

And my shirt moved back and forth and changed from black to white, so that's cool!

Prom was off the hook!! Our day date was Friday night and we went night bowling! We played two games and then all of a sudden, fog machines started filling the ally and the lights turned black and the music turned up. We stayed and played another round and boy am I glad that we did! (even if I do suck at bowling)

The next day, the majority of our prom group was involved in the state solo/ensemble festival that was happening at Orem high. We all performed our solos and then got ready for the dance.

All the fellas picked us ladies up and we took photos at City Hall. We then ate dinner at one of the guy's houses and it was amazing. YUM.
By the time we were done eating and talking, it was 8:30 and we headed up to the dance!
The dance was insane. The capitol building is absolutely stunning. I loved how the lights were kept on during the dance because we could see everyone dancing. AH it was so great. I loved prom!

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