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Let me first say WOW at general conference. (If you missed it, check this link out)
Anyway, so after being spiritually nourished for two days straight, miss Angela decided to organize a testimony meeting by the temple so youth around Utah County could share their testimonies.
A couple of my ward friends decided to go, so I joined them. We all brought blankets to snuggle up in and we sat in a huge half circle to share the feelings of our hearts. The majority of the people in attendance went to PG, there were some people from Lone Peak, a few from UCASS, and I was the lone gal from American Fork.
People went up to share their testimonies to a group of strangers. But we weren't really a group of strangers; we we're all banded together through the gospel. And even though our schools are rivals and we get competitive, ultimately we feed off of each other for spiritual strength.
The spirit was so, so strong. We sang I Love to See the Temple and had an opening prayer and then we were off and running. There was a steady stream of testimonies with peaceful, quite moments in between each one.
This experience felt so surreal. We were all snuggled under blankets trying to stay warm with the breeze blowing our hair in all directions, while being warmed by the light of Christ that was being radiated by each individual. After everyone bore their testimony, we got in a huge circle and sang I am a Child of God, and knelt on the grass to say a closing prayer.

I am so unbelievably grateful to live in a place where things like this happen. It legitimately was organized on twitter and 30 people came to hear their peers bear testimonies! Wow. I love the gospel.

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