getting my golf game back

I had my first varsity tournament of the year on Monday. I've had Phantom of the Opera rehearsals and performances for the first part of our golf season, and so it was amazing to be able to play 18 holes in a tournament setting again. (more of phantom of the opera in a later post)
My cute dad was able to watch the last half of the tournament and followed me around in a golf cart and took pictures of my swing. I played kind of lousy for the first nine, but I was getting the hang of it again toward the end and parred the last hole. I think the rest of the season will be great!

On Tuesday, it was extremely windy outside. If you live in Utah, you know what I'm talking about! But, I went to the course because I was thinking we had practice. Right when I got there I got a text saying that practice was cancelled. I kind of disregarded that and went and played nine holes instead! I was being pushed back and forth by the wind. Carrying my clubs on my back made it even worse, but it was so fun! I was on track to get an even better score than I did at the tournament, even with the wind. I was on the ninth hole, with the wind behind me and drove the ball SO FAR. It just kept rolling and rolling because of the wind! A man in a golf cart then pulled up next to me and said that I had to get off the course because they were closing! I hopped on his cart, picked up my ball, and saw that three trees had blown over. Holy cow the winds were so strong! When I had first got to the course, there was a barbecue out by the club house, and when I passed by it later, it was tipped over and stuck in the bushes.
Wind is absolutely crazy!!

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