ends and beginnings

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It seems like there a lot of 'end's coming up in my life.
.the end of spring break
.the end of AP testing
.the end of golf season
.the end of high school band
.the end of high school dances
.the end of my high school career

Thinking about it all gets kind of overwhelming for me. I try to not think about the end result, but the journey that is shaping me into who I am.

And then, I think of the beginnings.
.the beginning of my last summer with all my high school friends
.the beginning of new jobs
.the beginning of living away from home
.the beginning of a college career
.the beginning of being self sustaining 
.the beginning of finding myself in the world

And then I think that all the new beginnings far outweigh the sadness of the ends. 

And that makes me really excited.

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