Provo Fashion Week!!

 I found out about Provo Fashion Week from my brother (funny, right??) because he was doing the marketing for one of the designers that was being showcased in the fashion week. I asked Kara if she wanted to go to one of the fashion shows with me, and we immediately bought our tickets! We decided to get front row tickets, because go big or go home.
We got there half an hour early and seriously stressed out about where to sit! We sat in three places before we decided our seats. We sat across from Emily from Our Lovely Deseret, a modest fashion genius, and January from The Bouncy Ponytail, who skillfully combines high end pieces with lower end pieces. We had such a great time talking about the different designs that were shown throughout the show!
One day, I will be showcased in Provo Fashion Week, and then New York Fashion Week, and then London, Paris, Milan!

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  1. you totally will be featured one day! you got the stuff girl!


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