On a Friday in band class we all decided to go camping! Now, when we were planning this excursion, I thought we weren't actually going to follow through. But, we actually did go camping!
Steven and Logan went up an hour before and got chairs and wood all ready for a fire. When we got there, the fire was a little bit of a struggle to start (no help from me, yikes!) but we got one going!
There was stuff to make smores, but we were so tired that we decided to just go to sleep.

We were all snuggled close in this cute little tent, which was good because it was FREEZING. Holy cow!
We woke up and realized that we left our muffins in the car a quarter mile away, so we ate our smore ingredients for breakfast. Yay for being healthy!
I'm not really the camping type (I love a warm bed, showers, and heating units) but this was seriously so fun!

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