the grandparents and japanese food

My ojiichan and obaachan are the grandest people to walk this earth. They are the pioneers of the family. They lived through World War II while living in Japan. As converts to the church, they had a huge impact on the lives of their posterity. Both of their children went on missions and now have families who are active in church activities.
My obaachan sometimes tells me about the classes she had to take in order to marry ojiichan. Apparently ojiichan's father didn't think that she was good enough to marry his son, so he made her take many classes. She learned how to arrange flowers, make patterns and clothing, and make kimonos. The other day she showed me her book of patterns from her class and it looked incredibly confusing. Each pattern had to be made to fit each person that the clothes were being made for and the whole process was tedious and long. Watching her talk about it makes me so grateful for patterns that you can buy at the store.
My ojiichan loves studying my kanji with me for my Japanese class. I got a whole stack of flash cards that I was supposed to learn and he sat with me on the floor and taught me the proper stroke order and origins of each character. And not to mention, he has the best beard I have ever seen.

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