ringing in the new year, gas station style

New Years Eve.
2014 has flown by so fast and I can't believe it is over.
New years eve festivities started around 10:15pm for us. We headed to a huge stake dance that was going on by PG high school. And yes, I am a senior in high school. Don't judge me for loving to dance.
We walked in and there were kids everywhere. There were ping pong tables, sumo wrestling, dodge ball, pizza/cookies/doughnuts/drinks, and dancing. Everything looked pretty fun and the place was poppin'. We started to go inside the dance, and all the people in there looked like they were in 7th grade. Yikes. And there was legit no dancing going on at all. No mosh pit (aka my favorite part). No crazy pump-up dance music.
We decided to stick it out and danced a bit in our little group of three, but then walked around for a while. We were there for about an hour. We vowed that we would stay for one more slow song, and so when the slow song came on, I asked someone to dance. I found out that they go to the same school as me, but is two years younger! We were practically yelling at each other because the music was so loud. When the dance was over, I met up with my friends again and we left.
We were outta there before 11:30 and headed over to Pizza Hut to use a gift card to buy a pizza. To our dismay, it was closed. Which was really misleading because there were totally lights on and a man with a ponytail was inside. He was probably mocking us.
We tried Fresh Market to see if we could scrounge up a pizza, but they were closed too! By this time, we were absolutely frozen and ran back to the car. We drove to the 7/11 that was right next to the grocery store and thankfully it was open!
We ran inside after seeing a sign for pizza. We found it and headed to check out. In between the frozen pizza isle and the cash register, the new year came. Don't worry, we got a picture right at 12:00!

The cashier was so kind to us! We had set our pizza and our impulse buy of poppers and were ready to check out when she brought three boxes of doughnuts to the counter and gave them to us. for. free. And she also gave us another set of poppers, free of charge. She was the cheeriest lady I've ever met, especially since she had to sit alone in the store on new years eve.
She told us about how she was only here for a couple more months before she was directing airplanes up at the airport in February. It was so cool to hear her story and about her exciting new job.
While she was talking to us, she heated up our pizza in two minutes! Wow. Magic

Armed with our freshly-cooked pizza, free boxes of doughnuts, and poppers, we headed to my friends house to feast on our dinner.

Happy New Year!!
I hope your new year was spent with those you love, like mine was!
Here's to 2015!


  1. love this // happy twenty fifteen!!

  2. Happy New Year love! Sounds like a great night :) Don't ever lose that love for dancing! <3

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