photos can't portray beauty of the snow // outfit post

These past two weeks have been winter break, also known as pure bliss. Quite frankly I did nothing really productive along the lines of school work until the last few days, but being able to have freedom to do as I pleased was amazing! I was able to learn quite a few new things, such as how to design clothing and draw it, arrange flowers, make creative snail mail, and calligraphy! Now, I'm not saying that I am a master in all of these things, and I really just dabbled in each of them. But it was grand being able to try so many different activities and hobbies.

Do you know those moments that are so great that even a picture can't capture the greatness? Or when something is so beautiful and so touching that a photograph wouldn't do it justice?
That is the snow that we got this past week.
Oh. My. Word.
The snowflakes were the size of a quarter and falling so peacefully.
Whenever snow falls I try to take in all the snowflakes at once and try to see where they all individually land. And then I try to focus on a clump of snowflakes and follow them the whole way to the ground. I really like that with snow, there is no real end or beginning that you can see, but that there is always new snow moving and gently landing on the pieces that went before.
Things like that just remind me that there is so much more than just me and my life.

jacket: apostrophe (given to me by my grandmother)
shirt: target (given to me by my sister in law, after being worn on her mission for 1.5 years)
skirt: thrifted
shoes: forever young shoes

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