all state 2015

I think it's safe to say that pretty much anything that takes a significant amount of effort, time, and energy is worth it.
I only auditioned for the all-state band because my director reminded me that applications were due the next day. And it was more of a 'hey you are totally doing this, right?' reminder, than a 'hey do this if you want to' kind of thing. I hadn't looked at the music because I didn't really plan on trying out. Obviously I didn't want to put in that kind of time into something I didn't want to do. But, alas I started practicing the music the day before the tryout, and totally made my lips beyond tired playing really late into the night and all morning. I finally made my audition tape, probably with my lips bleeding because of overplaying, and didn't think anything of it. (I sounded awful. don't listen to a trumpet player when their lips are tired; it's not a pretty sound)

But hey! I got a confirmation email later saying congratulations and I was so confused. What? I made it in?? What is going on? Now I really have to practice the five difficult pieces that we were going to be playing??

It wasn't a joke. I printed off the music and didn't look at it until the day of all-state. Can you tell that I'm really good at procrastinating practicing my trumpet??

The first night was a three hour rehearsal after school, and we got home around 10:00pm. We ran through each of the pieces and we didn't sound half bad! I was getting a little excited about it.

The next day we started at 9:00am and played until noon where we had a two hour break for lunch. We played for three more hours after that and had another two hour break for dinner. And after that we only had two more hours until we could go home.
Practice was long. You are taught that you're supposed to sit on the edge of the seat and keep your back perfectly straight when you are practicing. I started out that way, but by the end of the day I was leaning back on my chair and falling asleep. Whew! What a long day. The next day was the performance so we had to get all the kinks out of the music in the 8 hours that we had.

The next day my friend and I drove up to Salt Lake for our practice before the concert. We practiced and it went really well. After we were done practicing, the head honchos said we would have an hour to get something to each and chill out before the concert, but they started talking and we only had half an hour left before the performance.
My friend and I ran in our floor-length concert dresses and heels to City Creek mall that was a few blocks away. We stopped to catch our breath to look at a map and check out where the food court was and it was so far away! I slipped off my shoes and got ready to run, but we decided to just get something from a chocolate store to tied us over. We grabbed a caramel apple (an apple is healthy, right?) and we ran back so so fast.
We got back with ten minutes to spare, and right as we walked in, we realized that there was a vending machine in the room. But, I've never had such a delicious apple, so it was all worth it.

It was finally our time to perform and to warm up, the director, Dr. Fischer, did an exercise that we had been doing all week. We all closed our eyes and played notes together and listened intently around us to blend and sound pretty. As we did this, the stage melted away and it was just like we were back practicing, and not on stage at Abravenal Hall.
During the last piece, Pas Redouble (which was also my favorite), I kept thinking, wow this is really happening! It felt so surreal. Students from all around the state all came together and in two days were able to perform a song and actually sound good! Everything was so great.

We had twenty-something people represent our school in the all-state band and orchestra! We really like music at our school.

My awesome parents made sure to come to my concert and watch! They come to seriously everything and it ROCKS.

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