52 Questions in 52 Weeks // Week #2

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This week's question is this:

When and where were you born? Describe your home, your neighborhood and the town you grew up in.

I was born in October of 1997 in Wake Forest Medical Hospital in North Carolina. After being born, my family moved to Little Rock, Arkansas for my dad's job. We lived in a brick house. And the only memory I have of it is when we were moving out. I had chewed a piece of gum and left it inside one of the many drawers in our bathroom. Before we left, my dad asked for whoever left the used gum in the drawer to confess and I never did. Hehehe.

We moved back to Greensboro, North Carolina, because how can you leave a place as gorgeous as North Carolina without yearning to go back? We lived in an apartment for a while until we fell in love with our house. While living in the apartments, it snowed, and it snowed hard. Now, if you live in Greensboro, you know that it never never ever snows, and if it does, there is hardly half an inch to show for it. But this particular time it dumped snow on our city. My brothers and I ran out of our apartment decked out in our snow gear and we threw snowballs at cars passing by. I was so afraid of getting in trouble but it was so fun and reckless that I kept doing it!

The house we moved into was just spectacular. The backyard was huge (at least it was in my eyes) and our trampoline was always being used. There was a creek and small forest in our backyard that my brothers and I would go exploring in whenever we had free time. There was a type of vine that now escapes my mind but that covered half of the trees in our mini forest. It was so fun to hike up the hill to the elementary school that was a ways behind the trees.

Our next door neighbors were the nicest folks you could ever meet. On one side, we had a married couple with two huge dogs names Boo-Boo and Maddy. They would let me dog sit and take them out for runs whenever I wanted. On the other side, we had a family with a daughter that would become an older sister figure for much of my young years. She is the one who told me about the new trend of parting your hair on the side, rather than in the middle. And she's the one who always played with me in our swimming suits with the hoses out. We laid on my trampoline and acted like we were in a beauty salon and 'washed' each others hair. And we slid down her slide with the water running down it from the hose.

Life growing up was just grand. I wouldn't want it any other way!

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