52 Questions in 52 Weeks // Week #1

When I think about learning about my ancestors, I picture myself sitting in an intimate coffee shop, cradling hot cocoa, and engaging in conversation on cozy sofas that sit next to big windows that look out onto a busy street.
I found an article about recording memories and your personal 'legacy' per-say. I thought it was so interesting. I got thinking. And I realized that what would be better for my posterity, and even my future self, than me documenting my views on life and answering questions about myself!
So in a way, it's like I'm sitting in a coffee shop on a cocoa date with myself in which anyone can come and learn more about me. 
There are 52 questions that are broken up for each week of the year. And it's the beginning of the year so I can ride this out all year long!
Feel free to join me.

The first week's question is:

What is your full name? Why did your parents give you that name?

My full name is Kiana Taguchi Bates.
From what I understand, when my mom was pregnant, my parents just could not agree on a name for me. My dad was a news anchor at the time, and on ESPN there was a female anchor with the name Kiana and my parents just fell in love with it.
Taguchi is my mother's maiden name. It reminds me of my Japanese heritage, and I think that is why my parents decided to give my brothers and I the same middle name. Whenever we write our full name, we are asked about our middle name. And I think that is pretty rad. It really shows me that my life is a culmination of things that many people did way before my time here on this earth began. Without my grandparents moving to the United States from Japan, I wouldn't be sitting here writing this!
Bates is obviously my last name, so my parents didn't really choose it for me. But whenever I think of the name 'Bates' I think of my grandpa. He died before I was born, so unfortunately the time spent with him before I got to earth is shadowed by the veil. Anyway, when my dad was a little kid, my grandpa owned a bakery named Bates Bakery. It was on main street in Heber city. I've always thought that the idea of Bates Bakery was so neat. It was my dream for the longest time to reopen Bates Bakery because I loved it so so much.


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  2. I love this so much! It's such a neat idea! Do you think I could maybe copy it on my blog?

    XOXO Sarah


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