sledding and life lessons

Sometimes you need a nudge from your dad to get you to do something really fun. It's been three years since I've been able to have a real winter experience and I've since forgotten the typical snow activities that you can do. The last two years I had surgeries on my feet so I couldn't walk in the snow! To say that sledding was fun would be an understatement.
We valiantly tried to build ourselves a jump, but stumbled upon one that was 239x better than ours so we claimed it as our own. More snow was brought over and we built the fort up higher and higher. At last, we were able to go down the jump together, and we missed it. We tried again and finally got some air! After that we realized that it was a little dangerous having two of us on a sled while going off of a jump, so we went down individually.
I've got to say my bum is pretty sore from landing on it so many times! But it was such a blast. 

Since it's been so long since I've sledded, I've come up with some key things to remember before I ever go sledding again.

What I've learned from this is:

+don't wear just leggings when you're sledding. you will crash and get snow on your legs and that snow will melt and you will be wet for the rest of the time. just don't. you will be cold, i promise.
+wear gloves that have all the fingers attached. no hobo gloves. those are not ideal for the making of a snow jump. ice crystals will form inbetween your fingers and then your fingers will go numb. don't do that. it's not very fun at all.
+even if your hair is flawless before you go sledding, it will get messed up. it's inevitable. your bouncing curls will fall flat, your pin straight hair will turn wavy, and all around your hair will look like a poofy mess. embrace it. who cares about hair when you're having fun?
+you don't have to document everything. sometimes i get caught up in trying to get the perfect picture of a happy moment (that's what i get for being a photographer) and then i realize that living in the moment is great in itself. now, do take photos to remember the memory, but don't let it consume your whole experience
+hot cocoa after sledding is a must. but first you must change into your pajamas, put your hair up, snuggle up in a blanket, and turn on gilmore girls. then, you can drink your cocoa and just relax. i mean, isn't sledding in itself a workout?

I hope the next time you go sledding you take these things into consideration! And most of all, have FUN. That's what it's all about!