happy thoughts

There are so many things in life that make me happy and I love hearing what makes people happy. I think you learn so so much about people when you learn what makes them happy

a list of things that make kiana happy on the day of december 30, year 2014

+getting really nice comments on a photo of yourself on instagram (don't lie everyone likes it) and especially when people tell you in real life that you look pretty (aka confidence boosters)
+family get-togethers where you play with darling children and come home after a white elephant exchange with a dvd that you were going to buy anyway (his girl friday)
+when all of your plans fall through for the morning and then your friend is down to do something fun.  or in other words people who are always down to model for you in the snow
+writing letters in the wee hours of the morning to people you haven't talked to in a while
+having huge huge snowflakes fall from the sky so peacefully that even a picture can't accurately portray the beauty
+anything frank sinatra, louis armstrong, or ella fitzgerald
+going to orthodontist appointments where they keep complimenting you on your outfit and your dad takes you out for burgers afterwards
+learning how to design & draw clothes
+pulling out my scrapbooking and card making supplies and crafting to my hearts desire
+it's a wonderful life
+my family

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  1. Kiana.. girl you are gorgeous! I love that jacket :) I am also so jealous of all that snow..


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