An instance where Martinelli's was spilled all over the table (Preference 2014)

It's crazy to think that I won't be going to another preference ever again! I'm super lucky that I asked the perfect guy to have a grand date.

The morning started out so so early. Unless you don't think 9am is early, then it was a reasonable time. We had three couples in our car and seven couples total, so picking everyone up/dropping everyone off took a chunk of time, but having so many people was grand! All of us are in the band together so we know each other really well.

We had five meetings to try to plan this whole date and seriously nothing was happening. We were joking around about going to Cabela's and shooting their little laser guns at the mini targets, but all of a sudden it stuck and that's what we were doing!

The three car caravan drove over to Cabela's and we bought $5 worth of tokens and shot our pretty little hearts out. Afterward, we ate free fudge samples and looked at fish with afros.

By this time, it was pouring rain. So we ran back to the cars and drove back to my friend's house to decorate cakes! One of the couples decorated one with the band logo on it to take to our director. So, as soon as we were all finished and cleaned up with our cakes, we took the cake over to our band director! He had been sick the day before and we thought it would cheer him up! He invited us in and we talked to him for a little while and then went on our way.

We had three hours to get ready for the dance. Half of that was spent trying to figure out what I was going to do with my hair. I seriously had n o  c l u e.  So of course I had to go with the tried and true messy side braid with a shnazzy headband.

I got my dress from an amazing woman who rents them out for girls like me to wear to dances like this! I fell in love with this sparkly gold dress because it kind of represents who I am: shiny, happy, and a touch of class (sometimes).

We ate chicken cordon bleu and it was amazing. Each couple had a bottle of Martinelli's and ours just happened to get shaken up and shot out of the bottle all over the table...but I don't know how that happened ;)

The dance was a riot. The walls were even sweating from all the bodies stuffed into the small reception hall. But man, was it grand. I've never had so much fun slow dancing as I did that night. Holy cow!