We make a lot of cookies I guess

 Wow life is just grand right now.
My ward friends and I have a tradition of making cookies on Sundays. If you wanna see another post about this, check it out. The top photo was one of the first times we got together to make cookies.

//okay im scouring my journal to see when the first time was that we made cookies haha//

February 16, 2014 was the first day we every instigated what we now call #sweetservicesunday. We only had three people come over (Bradyn, Brianna, and Josue) and we made cookies so we could take them to our ward friends who just recently moved. We made 60+ cookies that night.
We gave them to a man who just got shingles in our ward that is like our grandpa. It seriously cheered him up big time and made us feel so good! And we also took them to our friend who just got her wisdom teeth out.

March 2, 2014 was the next time we made cookies. That is what the picture is above! We gave our friend 17 cookies because it was his 17th birthday. We made interlacing cards and that was exciting.

March 30, 2014 was the next time. We had 7 people come over that time. We took some more to our shingle-inflected ward grandpa and he told us some fantastic stories from his teenage years. He bought a car for $50 and at that time gas was only $0.19. He used to steal old tires on sundays for his car which I thought was absolutely hilarious. We took some more to our friends who moved and another family in the ward. We also took some cookies to a guy in our ward who was home from his mission who was recovering from surgery. He told us some mission stories and it was so great. I got really excited to go on a mission just talking to him about it.

June 8, 2014 is the second picture up there and the next time we got together. We finally decided to call it #sweetservicesunday. We took them to a friend who was really sad and it was kind of awkward hahahaha. Then we took them to another two friends from PG, and then our shingle-inflicted ward grandpa, and two cute older married return missionaries who live on the corner.

July 6, 2014 and cue photo number three. That was the next time we made cookies together! We only took cookies to a good AF friend of mine and it was kinda weird cause only some people knew her, but it was fun!

July 20, 2014 came next and we took them to some of our friends in the ward that had birthdays. We gave another plate to our shingle grandpa, and a family in the ward. We had three extra plates left over, and it was about 10:00 at night, so we stood by the stop sign (all 8 of us teenage hooligans) and yelled at people who stopped at the stop sign to see if they wanted some cookies. One car rolled their window down, but then didn't want our cookies. Thankfully, a guy in a truck took the cookies and went on his merry way. Ha. We then took them to our sunday school teachers and left them two plates.

July 27, 2014 this was the day for the old people in the ward. We went to town with all the old people we knew! We visited this precious old lady who was extremely grateful to see us and chat for a second. We visited a cute old couple who used to be our sunday school teachers a couple of years ago and it was just grand to be able to sit and talk to them for 30 minutes.

August 3, 2014 came next. 11 people came. We found out that our cute old couple who used to be our sunday school teachers really appreciated the visit from the week before. They were feeling down about their new sunday school class and that they weren't reaching the kids, and us visiting them really cheered them up. And the precious return missionary couple stopped us while we were rampaging the town and said that we were doing something really good. So we gave him a plate of cookies. 

August 17, 2014 We had 9 people there that time. We went to our ward grandpa, our friend's house, and who other homes in the ward. It was awesome. It felt like our last crazy thing before school started.

August 31, 2014 aka today. We had 13 people today (cue the last picture, and one person isn't in the photo) We made 7 plates of cookies, but only got to visit 6 people. Seriously, our group has gotten so dang big. It's pretty much half of the youth of the ward comin over to my house to make cookies. Hey, but I'm not complaining. It is so much fun to spend time together and visit people in our ward and make their night with cookies.
Today was kinda special because we visited a lady who's husband is bedridden and has been through such an ordeal through the last year and she was so grateful for us to come and bring her cookies to make her day a little better. That is seriously why we do it. It is grand and I love my friends.

Alright here are the stats so far:
Days of #sweetservicesunday: 10
Plates of cookies taken (give or take a few): 39
Most people to show up: 13
How long we've been doing this: 6 months

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