Wowee life is just hip and happenin

 Alright my friends and I are performing at this scout program thing at UVU, right? And we went to the rehearsal today and they told us that they want us to climb up these three story scaffolding things and play from up there. Holy cow it was frightening to be standing on this thing! There were three on one side and three on the other, but the two people that were supposed to be on mine with me couldn't come, so I was there all. by. myself. The real deal performance thing is tomorrow and I'm so scared Imma screw everything up!

My girl Kara drove us there and when we were on the freeway the windows were down and we were blastin music and letting our hair fly all over the place. We are obsessed with the song Problem by Ariana Grande and tried to learn the rap for it. It's pretty dang hard, I must say.

 After our rehearsal we visited our favorite people over at Dickeys where they work! They hooked us up with some fries, mash potatoes, and mac and cheese to sample. Mmmmmm. We were loud and obnoxious but it was so fun!

So I picked up 100 photos that I got printed today and finally stuck them all up on my wall! I feel super cool looking at all the exciting things I've done!

Oh, and after I got all my pictures up, it was 11:30 and I was starved. So I made a tomato sandwich. YUM

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