spiritual zombies and able-bodied ladies

 AKA girls camp. ha
So I didn't really realize how much furking work it was going to be as a stake YCL. (youth camp leader I think is what that means) I legit had zero time to sit and relax and hang out. We were going at it all freaking day, but I really appreciated the hard work after it was done. It was like I accomplished something grand, you know?
So much happened that I can't even possibly begin to explain, so let me just go off of these photos

Okay, but really about this hipster lessons. Are we hipster yet? What even is a hipster? How do you become one? Why do you want to be one? Ha. Anyway these donuts were delish.

The first day we took the stake through a time machine back to Jesus' time so they could see what life was like back then. The theme was I walked where Jesus walked, and so we were trying to physically show them that! We had a bazaar where all the YCLs dressed up in the time period and told stories and sold things. It was fantastic.

 Megan and I slept on the hammock every night instead of the army tent they set up for all 12 of us stake YCLs. Nothing against having carpet in our tent and actually being able to stand in it, but there's something about sleeping under the stars that just gets me, ya know?
Um I'm saying ya know a lot and I don't know why. Wut

We brought these hilarious cat pictures to camp to hang up in random places, so at midnight after our showers, we went and stuck them up. This is our ward's board that had all the pictures of the girls in the camp on it. We put the cat up there ha.

 I rappelled down a mountain before we got in canoes. It was one of the most frightening and fun experiences of my whole life. They pretty much had to coach me to go over the edge of the cliff, and then half of the way down I was so terrified that I just walked down. Ha. The two guys at the bottom, one of them my next door neighbor, were coaxing me to jump and jump and eventually to hang upside down haha. And I did it! I got all the way down and had a complete blast doing it.

That night we had a visit from the 10 virgins. Each YCL led a ward around to see each virgin's 'house' and get to converse with them. The ones that struck me the most were the foolish virgins who only talked about themselves. And the first virgin who was Christlike. We had first seen the foolish virgins and felt such a lack of the spirit in our hearts and we arrived at the virgin who was portraying the christlike attribute and there was a sense of coming home. It really struck me that I am every single one of the virgins in one way or another, and that they are all in us.
After we went around to all the virgins, we all got back together again, and watched as the call for the bridegroom came and the 5 foolish virgins were scrambling for oil and they couldn't get any. They all expressed their remorse for not preparing to see the bridegroom.
Each member of camp had received a vile of oil prior to this experience. At the door of the presentation, we were each given a battery powered candle. Those with their oil had a working battery inside their candle, and those without their oil were left with a dead battery. It really spoke to me about preparing now to see Christ!

We took our 2nd year gals on a 5 mile hike around the mountains. Holla at us totally haulin' up and down that mountain! We were back in time to go watersliding!
We washed each others feet like Jesus did to his apostles and it was splendid. Especially after hiking a million miles! Holy guacamole.

Fruit pizzas are bomb. And so are testimony meetings in the rain when it's pitch black outside. I love it.

The last night we went padding. hahahaha. We took 50 pads and stuck them everywhere around camp and it was hilarious. The trouble we got in afterward was not so hilarious.

We dressed in our Holy Land outfits to say goodbye to the wards as they reentered the time machine. What an experience.

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