sleeping on the deck for fun

Fourth of July. Holy guacamole what a holiday it was!
I woke up early so I could march in the Freedom Festival parade. The worst parade of the season, that's for sure. It was hot and sticky in our uniforms, but it was okay cause Pete snapchatted us saying that he had three parades for the day. Thank the heavens above that we don't do that!
I used Pete's trumpet and accidentally used his bobby shew mouthpiece for the whole parade. Let's just say that my lips weren't even tired! And that I was hitting notes way above what I was supposed to be playing.
Okay, people ask me all the time if I hear them during parades. But you gotta understand something. I cannot look and see who is yelling at me and know who it is. So yes, I do hear people screaming "Kiana!! Kiana!!" but I don't know who you are.

My girl Alex and I went to Wendy's after the parade to fuel up, because obviously you want fast food after sweating for two hours in the hot sun. It was oddly satisfying though, because I was just that hungry.

I showered up real fast and headed over to my aunt and uncles house to have a barbeque. There was an assortment of meat to choose from, but sadly since I ate at Wendy's I wasn't too hungry. And I almost fell asleep on the couch cause parades are just that. exhausting.

My mom, my cousin, and I went to the Stadium of fire performance!! Carrie Underwood is fantastic. And flawless. And the fireworks were amazing.

We got home at midnight. I snapchatted my friend Kara seeing if she wanted to sleepover on the deck and so she came over at like 1:00am and we slept on the deck and talked and the sun woke us up at 7. It was grand and we look awful, but we ate waffles and we loved it.

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