pics or it didn't happen

okay so pics or it didn't happen is basically my motto. And I'm pretty sure all yall are going to thank me when we're all old and want to see all the things we did during our crazy teenage years. So here you go.
I got my first sno cone of the summer! It was mango flavored and just fabulous. I love snow cones so much! Yum yum yum
I saw divergent and let's just say that the main guy is super attractive. And after seeing that movie I kind of felt empowered, like I could do anything and no one could stop me, ya know? It was liberating and I loved it. We got to the theater right as the movie was scheduled to start and there were only crappy seats left. We talked to the cashier guy for seriously 10 minutes about if we should see that movie and if it's worth it, or if we should see a different one, and if he liked the other movies playing and such. It was so funny!
We picked up a garlic Parmesan chicken tomato or something pizza and when we got to Pizza Hut I couldn't remember for the life of me what it was called (as I can't now) and the cashier dude was getting so frustrated! It was weird going from a really friendly cashier guy to this jerk one ha.
We sat on the deck and watched fireworks and ate pizza and that was that.

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