1:00 in the morning and we're just gettin started

 I fell asleep at 6:00 in the evening and woke up to my alarm at 12. We left our houses at 12:30 and started hiking at 1:00.
The first hour we used our headlamps, but when the moon came over the mountains we turned them off and hiked by the light of the moon. Hiking in the dark makes the time go by pretty fast. But when we got to the last stretch of the hike, I was on the verge of death. My poor feet hadn't hiked that far since I had surgery, but I pushed through. My steps were slower and slower, but the kept going forward.
We kinda took a wrong turn after the saddle and before the peak, so we had to backtrack and figure out how to get there. The little shack on the top of the mountain kept getting bigger and bigger and I was so ready to just be at the top!
I made it, finally. Whew! Holy crap and hot dang. Wow it was such a hike. It was gorgeous cause the sun started rising through the clouds and we could see practically everything.
We decided to take a different trail back down, and go through the glacier. Before we got to the glacier, we took a wrong trail. We were on the trail 10 feet above the one we were supposed to be on, so we climbed down a cliff and went on our way. Except I was terrified and real scared. But I did it.

We finally got to the glacier! Okay, the glacier was half melted and the rest was rocks rocks rocks all over the place.

We climbed down the rocks, and started to slide on the snow. I didn't think my butt would ever be able to feel anything ever again. I was so numb all on my hands and bottom. Goodness gracious it was so cold.
Then we took the journey through the rock park at the bottom. It went on forever. So yikes to that.
We hauled all the way back, so sorry for not getting any photos of the pretty flowers! It was gorgeous though.

Hello 17 mile hike! Yay for getting to cross that off my bucket list!

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