1:00 in the morning and we're just gettin started

 I fell asleep at 6:00 in the evening and woke up to my alarm at 12. We left our houses at 12:30 and started hiking at 1:00.
The first hour we used our headlamps, but when the moon came over the mountains we turned them off and hiked by the light of the moon. Hiking in the dark makes the time go by pretty fast. But when we got to the last stretch of the hike, I was on the verge of death. My poor feet hadn't hiked that far since I had surgery, but I pushed through. My steps were slower and slower, but the kept going forward.
We kinda took a wrong turn after the saddle and before the peak, so we had to backtrack and figure out how to get there. The little shack on the top of the mountain kept getting bigger and bigger and I was so ready to just be at the top!
I made it, finally. Whew! Holy crap and hot dang. Wow it was such a hike. It was gorgeous cause the sun started rising through the clouds and we could see practically everything.
We decided to take a different trail back down, and go through the glacier. Before we got to the glacier, we took a wrong trail. We were on the trail 10 feet above the one we were supposed to be on, so we climbed down a cliff and went on our way. Except I was terrified and real scared. But I did it.

We finally got to the glacier! Okay, the glacier was half melted and the rest was rocks rocks rocks all over the place.

We climbed down the rocks, and started to slide on the snow. I didn't think my butt would ever be able to feel anything ever again. I was so numb all on my hands and bottom. Goodness gracious it was so cold.
Then we took the journey through the rock park at the bottom. It went on forever. So yikes to that.
We hauled all the way back, so sorry for not getting any photos of the pretty flowers! It was gorgeous though.

Hello 17 mile hike! Yay for getting to cross that off my bucket list!

spiritual zombies and able-bodied ladies

 AKA girls camp. ha
So I didn't really realize how much furking work it was going to be as a stake YCL. (youth camp leader I think is what that means) I legit had zero time to sit and relax and hang out. We were going at it all freaking day, but I really appreciated the hard work after it was done. It was like I accomplished something grand, you know?
So much happened that I can't even possibly begin to explain, so let me just go off of these photos

Okay, but really about this hipster lessons. Are we hipster yet? What even is a hipster? How do you become one? Why do you want to be one? Ha. Anyway these donuts were delish.

The first day we took the stake through a time machine back to Jesus' time so they could see what life was like back then. The theme was I walked where Jesus walked, and so we were trying to physically show them that! We had a bazaar where all the YCLs dressed up in the time period and told stories and sold things. It was fantastic.

 Megan and I slept on the hammock every night instead of the army tent they set up for all 12 of us stake YCLs. Nothing against having carpet in our tent and actually being able to stand in it, but there's something about sleeping under the stars that just gets me, ya know?
Um I'm saying ya know a lot and I don't know why. Wut

We brought these hilarious cat pictures to camp to hang up in random places, so at midnight after our showers, we went and stuck them up. This is our ward's board that had all the pictures of the girls in the camp on it. We put the cat up there ha.

 I rappelled down a mountain before we got in canoes. It was one of the most frightening and fun experiences of my whole life. They pretty much had to coach me to go over the edge of the cliff, and then half of the way down I was so terrified that I just walked down. Ha. The two guys at the bottom, one of them my next door neighbor, were coaxing me to jump and jump and eventually to hang upside down haha. And I did it! I got all the way down and had a complete blast doing it.

That night we had a visit from the 10 virgins. Each YCL led a ward around to see each virgin's 'house' and get to converse with them. The ones that struck me the most were the foolish virgins who only talked about themselves. And the first virgin who was Christlike. We had first seen the foolish virgins and felt such a lack of the spirit in our hearts and we arrived at the virgin who was portraying the christlike attribute and there was a sense of coming home. It really struck me that I am every single one of the virgins in one way or another, and that they are all in us.
After we went around to all the virgins, we all got back together again, and watched as the call for the bridegroom came and the 5 foolish virgins were scrambling for oil and they couldn't get any. They all expressed their remorse for not preparing to see the bridegroom.
Each member of camp had received a vile of oil prior to this experience. At the door of the presentation, we were each given a battery powered candle. Those with their oil had a working battery inside their candle, and those without their oil were left with a dead battery. It really spoke to me about preparing now to see Christ!

We took our 2nd year gals on a 5 mile hike around the mountains. Holla at us totally haulin' up and down that mountain! We were back in time to go watersliding!
We washed each others feet like Jesus did to his apostles and it was splendid. Especially after hiking a million miles! Holy guacamole.

Fruit pizzas are bomb. And so are testimony meetings in the rain when it's pitch black outside. I love it.

The last night we went padding. hahahaha. We took 50 pads and stuck them everywhere around camp and it was hilarious. The trouble we got in afterward was not so hilarious.

We dressed in our Holy Land outfits to say goodbye to the wards as they reentered the time machine. What an experience.


I swear every week we have new people come to my house to make cookies and take them to people. yay for tradition.

pics or it didn't happen

okay so pics or it didn't happen is basically my motto. And I'm pretty sure all yall are going to thank me when we're all old and want to see all the things we did during our crazy teenage years. So here you go.
I got my first sno cone of the summer! It was mango flavored and just fabulous. I love snow cones so much! Yum yum yum
I saw divergent and let's just say that the main guy is super attractive. And after seeing that movie I kind of felt empowered, like I could do anything and no one could stop me, ya know? It was liberating and I loved it. We got to the theater right as the movie was scheduled to start and there were only crappy seats left. We talked to the cashier guy for seriously 10 minutes about if we should see that movie and if it's worth it, or if we should see a different one, and if he liked the other movies playing and such. It was so funny!
We picked up a garlic Parmesan chicken tomato or something pizza and when we got to Pizza Hut I couldn't remember for the life of me what it was called (as I can't now) and the cashier dude was getting so frustrated! It was weird going from a really friendly cashier guy to this jerk one ha.
We sat on the deck and watched fireworks and ate pizza and that was that.

sleeping on the deck for fun

Fourth of July. Holy guacamole what a holiday it was!
I woke up early so I could march in the Freedom Festival parade. The worst parade of the season, that's for sure. It was hot and sticky in our uniforms, but it was okay cause Pete snapchatted us saying that he had three parades for the day. Thank the heavens above that we don't do that!
I used Pete's trumpet and accidentally used his bobby shew mouthpiece for the whole parade. Let's just say that my lips weren't even tired! And that I was hitting notes way above what I was supposed to be playing.
Okay, people ask me all the time if I hear them during parades. But you gotta understand something. I cannot look and see who is yelling at me and know who it is. So yes, I do hear people screaming "Kiana!! Kiana!!" but I don't know who you are.

My girl Alex and I went to Wendy's after the parade to fuel up, because obviously you want fast food after sweating for two hours in the hot sun. It was oddly satisfying though, because I was just that hungry.

I showered up real fast and headed over to my aunt and uncles house to have a barbeque. There was an assortment of meat to choose from, but sadly since I ate at Wendy's I wasn't too hungry. And I almost fell asleep on the couch cause parades are just that. exhausting.

My mom, my cousin, and I went to the Stadium of fire performance!! Carrie Underwood is fantastic. And flawless. And the fireworks were amazing.

We got home at midnight. I snapchatted my friend Kara seeing if she wanted to sleepover on the deck and so she came over at like 1:00am and we slept on the deck and talked and the sun woke us up at 7. It was grand and we look awful, but we ate waffles and we loved it.

waffles at noon

I woke up at 10:20 to my friends texting me saying they were on my way to my house to pick me up for summer seminary. Hahaha, so this is what I looked liked. We got there half an hour late, but still had an hour of spiritual nourishment to feast on!
After seminary was over, we headed over to Megan's house and grabbed her waffle maker and made waffles at my house. We cut up a mango as well, cause I'm pretty much obsessed with them and they are so dang delicious. We finished making all the food and sat on the deck and ate it all! Since we've gotten the deck done, we have seriously done everything on there. Pretty soon we're going to sleep on it. It'll happen.

Wowee life is just hip and happenin

 Alright my friends and I are performing at this scout program thing at UVU, right? And we went to the rehearsal today and they told us that they want us to climb up these three story scaffolding things and play from up there. Holy cow it was frightening to be standing on this thing! There were three on one side and three on the other, but the two people that were supposed to be on mine with me couldn't come, so I was there all. by. myself. The real deal performance thing is tomorrow and I'm so scared Imma screw everything up!

My girl Kara drove us there and when we were on the freeway the windows were down and we were blastin music and letting our hair fly all over the place. We are obsessed with the song Problem by Ariana Grande and tried to learn the rap for it. It's pretty dang hard, I must say.

 After our rehearsal we visited our favorite people over at Dickeys where they work! They hooked us up with some fries, mash potatoes, and mac and cheese to sample. Mmmmmm. We were loud and obnoxious but it was so fun!

So I picked up 100 photos that I got printed today and finally stuck them all up on my wall! I feel super cool looking at all the exciting things I've done!

Oh, and after I got all my pictures up, it was 11:30 and I was starved. So I made a tomato sandwich. YUM

swing dancing to a big band in the city

Last night a group of my friends asked guys and we all went up to Salt Lake Citaaayy and swing danced! The first 30 minutes was spent learning how to dance (and we still didn't really know at the end) and then a band came on stage and played live swing music to dance to!
There was a dance floor right by the stage, but we all thought it was way too loud. The whole group shifted to the back of the plaza and had the whole place to ourselves to dance.
Holy cow it was a blast. We danced the whole time and learned some cool new moves! We're most definitely going back :)