Youth Conf 2014

 Oh my goodness I just love youth conference. To start the whole thing off, we went to the Utah Food Bank and donated our time and service to help out! We got split up into two groups and my group bagged beans by the pound. Needless to say, we were the fasted bean baggers there ever was. Eventually we didn't even need the scale to measure how much was in each bag because we just knew. Fun fact: we finished an average of three bags a minute, in case you wanted to know.
Oh, and my momma is the swaggiest person you'll ever meet, just sayin.

 We headed over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was just great. I love that movie so much because it makes the restoration seem so much more real. Adding faces and emotions to the story just makes it really hit home for me.
For dinner we ate at the Lionhouse pantry or something like that. It was magnificent. I ate the artichoke chicken and I loved every bite of it. Our whole friend group managed to slide a whole bunch of tables together and sit at the same place. After we finished our food we arm wrestled into cake. There were two pieces of cake on either side of the arm wrestle and whoever lost got a handful of cake on them! It was so fun.

We toured the conference center which was so cool! There are so many original paintings in there that look absolutely stunning. I wish I could paint like those people! All of the primary paintings were in there and it was stellar to see all of them up close and see every individual brush stroke. It was crazy.
I was so glad that my momma could come up with me to youth conference. It is nice always having her around cause I never really realized how different it'll be once I'm gone and off at college.
Did that even make sense? haha.

My room managed to get into so much trouble when we were at the hotel because we were being so loud. Yikes! We had dance parties and were dancing all over the place. Brianna and I stayed up til 3am just talking about everything. It was crazy and it was hard to get up in the morning, but it was so fun to have a sleepover!

 The second day was just as great as the first, if not even better! We got split into different groups and mingled with some other wards that were there for youth conference as well and talked to the sister missionaries. There were many different activities going on, but the most memorable is the testimony meeting and dinner. The dinner was amazing. Holy cow if I knew how to cook like that I would die a happy gal. The testimony meeting was really great though. Bradyn kept nudging me to go up and saying that if I did he would as well...He finally said that he was going up in 3, 2, 1...and then stood up and walked up there! I made a spur of the moment decision to follow him, so I jumped up and trekked on up there with him. I was physically shaking while he was bearing his testimony, but when I got to the mic, all was well. I wasn't nervous at all.
I was so glad I shared my testimony! It just reaffirms my excitement for my mission in two and a half years. I couldn't be more pumped to share the gospel with people anywhere in the world that the Lord needs me.

Today we met and did service. The group I was in went and did service at the Harrison's house to help them move. I moved a lot of boxes and mattresses and learned how to weed whack, so that's cool! We played water games afterwards, and I learned how to hold a baseball bat and the basics of baseball rules. What a day!

(ps if you'd like to see pictures from last years youth conference, check this out)

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