the day carnival and flower walls on state

 Okay there is definitely a different crowd at a carnival during the day rather than the night. There are a lot more little kids and strollers. And a lot of kids in junior high trying to act thug.
We walked around and snapped some pics and got a whole bunch of free stuff at the booths.
Please someone teach us how to pose like hipsters cause we kind of struggle a lot. If there's a lesson called Posing like Hipsters 101, let me know.

 My girl Kara is a model. And she's great because she is patient with me trying out new stuff and new poses. I luuuuhhh her. And the fact that we haven't seen each other since school got out and then spent 7 hours together today is pretty rad I must say.
We kind of talk endlessly about silly stuff and crazy stuff and serious stuff and band stuff. We could chat for hours. We are pretty much the same person and we say the same stupid things like y'all and cray and hey girl hey and girl all the time.
There is a fence covered in flowers that is situated right on state street in plain view. Most people just pass it by, but we decided to give it chance for some pictures. Honestly, the last picture is my favorite picture that I've taken recently.

Okay little side note. Is anyone a photographer who wants to be my friend so I can have some pictures of myself? haha I end up taking way more pictures of other people than myself and I never have any decent shots of myself. So let's change that, shall we? I'll take pictures of you, and you of me?
email me at to learn more about this friend opportunity!

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