carnival rides and frozen strawberry milk

It's official. I love strawberry days. I can't believe I haven't gone in the three years that I've had the chance to go. I'm kicking myself repeatedly for that as I type this. Cause honestly, mmmm it is so grand. The carnival was just superb. The sweet smell of funnel cakes, corn dogs, cotton candy, dippin dots, and fruit smoothies all run together with the scent of strawberries and cream. Mmm mmm mmm, it's so good.
I was absolutely terrified to go on any of the carnival rides. I remember from Steel Days a couple years back I just felt queasy after going on one ride, so I hesitated (more like flat out denied) to go on any rides. Thankfully, I have some great friends who pressure me into doing things I don't want to do, and I went on a ride. I had the time of my life! The feeling of having my stomach drop was such a rush and it was so fun! I went on three rides and they were totally poppin.
The last ride I went on was the ring of fire. It's the one where you spin in the circle and you go upside down and it's amazing. My hair was everywhere but it was great. Ah! I couldn't tell where the ground was from the sky but it was awesome. There was this girl that was sitting across the ride that I could see just flat out freaking out. It was hilarious! Brianna and I laughed for the rest of the ride because her face was so shocked and scared. I don't think her mouth could've opened any wider, to be honest.

The fact that that measly cup of strawberries and cream pictured above is $1.50 is flat out crazy ish. Okay, what the heck. But really.
Afterwards, our whole posse came back to my house and cut up tons of strawberries and used half frozen ice cream milk and made our own strawberries and cream. Holy cow it was amazing. So yummy. So delicious. It tasted exactly the same as the overpriced stuff. And we got it in the comfort of my home! So holla at that. New tradition I must say.
We hung out on my deck for like .2 minutes and then came inside to cut more strawberries and talk in the warmth of the house. Frick, it's like June and there is snow halfway down the mountain. What is life?
Anyway, today was so amazing. I'm thinking that I'll just have to go to the carnival again tomorrow just to snap some decent pics. haha

And please don't look at my awkward feet. My life.

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