best friends ever

Okay so some of my best friends just got back from DMI, or the drum major camp in Indy, and they saw my brother perform at the DCI show that was there! Holy cow I was so so jealous and they new it. They managed to pick me up a shirt and bring it back for me so I could support my brother from thousands of miles away! We all wore our swan lake phantom regiment shirts to rehearsal today for marching band :)

the world's longest sub sandwich (almost)

We just recently had our family reunion on Saturday. We had the family come from all round the western US and we partied pretty hard. Back in the 70s, my grandparents owned a bakery and created the longest hoagie sandwich ever thus far. It was 410 feet long! This year we decided to recreate that but only with 28 feet. Holy cow, we had so much left over. We will be eating sandwiches until the end of my senior year!

We went and visited the Provo rec center and climbed the rock wall, jumped off ledges, and rode on a lot of slides. It was crazy fun! And the fact that we had a waterproof camera made it so much better :)

the day carnival and flower walls on state

 Okay there is definitely a different crowd at a carnival during the day rather than the night. There are a lot more little kids and strollers. And a lot of kids in junior high trying to act thug.
We walked around and snapped some pics and got a whole bunch of free stuff at the booths.
Please someone teach us how to pose like hipsters cause we kind of struggle a lot. If there's a lesson called Posing like Hipsters 101, let me know.

 My girl Kara is a model. And she's great because she is patient with me trying out new stuff and new poses. I luuuuhhh her. And the fact that we haven't seen each other since school got out and then spent 7 hours together today is pretty rad I must say.
We kind of talk endlessly about silly stuff and crazy stuff and serious stuff and band stuff. We could chat for hours. We are pretty much the same person and we say the same stupid things like y'all and cray and hey girl hey and girl all the time.
There is a fence covered in flowers that is situated right on state street in plain view. Most people just pass it by, but we decided to give it chance for some pictures. Honestly, the last picture is my favorite picture that I've taken recently.

Okay little side note. Is anyone a photographer who wants to be my friend so I can have some pictures of myself? haha I end up taking way more pictures of other people than myself and I never have any decent shots of myself. So let's change that, shall we? I'll take pictures of you, and you of me?
email me at to learn more about this friend opportunity!

carnival rides and frozen strawberry milk

It's official. I love strawberry days. I can't believe I haven't gone in the three years that I've had the chance to go. I'm kicking myself repeatedly for that as I type this. Cause honestly, mmmm it is so grand. The carnival was just superb. The sweet smell of funnel cakes, corn dogs, cotton candy, dippin dots, and fruit smoothies all run together with the scent of strawberries and cream. Mmm mmm mmm, it's so good.
I was absolutely terrified to go on any of the carnival rides. I remember from Steel Days a couple years back I just felt queasy after going on one ride, so I hesitated (more like flat out denied) to go on any rides. Thankfully, I have some great friends who pressure me into doing things I don't want to do, and I went on a ride. I had the time of my life! The feeling of having my stomach drop was such a rush and it was so fun! I went on three rides and they were totally poppin.
The last ride I went on was the ring of fire. It's the one where you spin in the circle and you go upside down and it's amazing. My hair was everywhere but it was great. Ah! I couldn't tell where the ground was from the sky but it was awesome. There was this girl that was sitting across the ride that I could see just flat out freaking out. It was hilarious! Brianna and I laughed for the rest of the ride because her face was so shocked and scared. I don't think her mouth could've opened any wider, to be honest.

The fact that that measly cup of strawberries and cream pictured above is $1.50 is flat out crazy ish. Okay, what the heck. But really.
Afterwards, our whole posse came back to my house and cut up tons of strawberries and used half frozen ice cream milk and made our own strawberries and cream. Holy cow it was amazing. So yummy. So delicious. It tasted exactly the same as the overpriced stuff. And we got it in the comfort of my home! So holla at that. New tradition I must say.
We hung out on my deck for like .2 minutes and then came inside to cut more strawberries and talk in the warmth of the house. Frick, it's like June and there is snow halfway down the mountain. What is life?
Anyway, today was so amazing. I'm thinking that I'll just have to go to the carnival again tomorrow just to snap some decent pics. haha

And please don't look at my awkward feet. My life.

makin wishes and sunday night drives

I think it's a crime that I hadn't been up to Tibble Fork in the almost four years that I've lived in Utah. The scenery of Utah is just amazing. I've always complained that Utah doesn't have trees and that North Carolina will always have my heart because of that. I realized that I just haven't been looking in the right places, because the trees are amazing and beautiful and I can't handle how gorgeous the mountains are.
I just want to take a blanket and a book and head up the mountains to just sleep and read. Anyone want to join me?

Uhm random stuff that's going on. yeah.

fun fact: I blog better when it's late at night and I should be asleep.
another fun fact: I kind of just have little things happen in my life that don't deserve a whole blog post, but still deserve to make it on here. So I'm kind of pushing them all together. 

Apparently it's a tradition to put up an enormous flag on the day before Flag Day in a business park in AF. And apparently it's a tradition to have some of the members of the marching band come and play the national anthem at this said event. I had the glorious opportunity to take part in that! Other than the fact that Mr. Miller told us it started at 10:30 when it really started at 11:30, and the fact that it was blazing hot, the whole thing was a great experience. I mean, how could it not be when you have free J dawgs and you get to see a huge flag be pulled into the sky by little children!
Oh, and let's not forget the fact that my friends car was hit by my other friend after we were done. What a way to finish off an already eventful day!

After the car was hit, we all went and got slurpees. I guess you could say that the accident was hardly an accident at all, cause the car that hit us was going like -15mph. I don't think I've ever had a slurpee before, but honestly, what have I been doing all of my life? Mango slurpees will be the death of me, my goodness. Anything mango is delicious, I swear. So if you wanna buy me something, you know what to get!

The fact that this girl is leaving is just unreal. She is one of my ultimate heroes and I love her so much! She is really good friends with my brother Pete, and she is two years older than me, but she always treated me like I was her best friend and that I meant a lot to her. She has taught me so much about how to be happy, outgoing, a righteous daughter of God, and so much more. If I can be half the woman she is I would be happy!
Oh, and the fact that she asked me to take her mission photos pretty much made me blush. Holy cow she is just stunning. Here are the photos if you wanna check them out!

Graduation! (and no, I didn't graduate)

 Kay so I was reading through my posts of the year. All 13 of them. Which in itself is quite pitiful, but that lack of effort that I put into each post is astonishing. Wow I am just downright embarrassed. And I'm so embarrassed by this fact, that I'm not ashamed in posting about something that happened two weeks ago. Come at me if you want.

The wind symphony gets to perform at graduation each year. We have seats on the floor with all the graduates, so everyone can see everything that you do. That didn't stop us from playing 2048 the whole time we were in there.

The drive there was pretty much the scariest thing of my whole life. My friend's car wasn't really accelerating at the right times, and every time he braked really hard the car veered left. We eventually got up to speed on the freeway and barely made it there in one piece. Thankfully we got there, because pretty much the whole trumpet section was in that vehicle, and if none of us showed up, the whole band would be screwed. (and that's not saying that the band isn't anything without trumpets...oh wait. maybe it is)

None of us trumpet players ate dinner before we got there, which was super dumb. But nonetheless, we were starved. So, when all the graduates started filing in and we were standing up, we called Jimmy John's up and tried to see if they could deliver some sandwiches to us. They had no idea where the BYU Marriot Center was, which is like, do you even live in Provo? They told us we had to order online and get the address to the Marriot Center in order to get our food.

The next 30 minutes were spent trying to order everyone's sandwiches and getting each of the orders right, and finally paying for the order.

We played our song, Exhiliration, in which I had a solo (yikes) and they zoomed up on me on the jumbotron! Ah. Anyway, we finished playing our piece and the next thing we played was the school song at the very end of the graduation. So, three of us slipped out and retrieved the Jimmy Johns for the rest of the crew!

We snuck out, but Mr. Miller saw us anyway, but really didn't look like he cared that we left haha. We waited outside the center for 10 minutes until we saw the beautiful man holding our sandwiches. We snatched the sandwiches right up and started devouring them. Yum yum yum

We finished our food and managed to sneak back in just in time to hear the last couple letters of the alphabet walk. And then we played the school song like we hadn't left at all.

Oh, how I love high school.

Youth Conf 2014

 Oh my goodness I just love youth conference. To start the whole thing off, we went to the Utah Food Bank and donated our time and service to help out! We got split up into two groups and my group bagged beans by the pound. Needless to say, we were the fasted bean baggers there ever was. Eventually we didn't even need the scale to measure how much was in each bag because we just knew. Fun fact: we finished an average of three bags a minute, in case you wanted to know.
Oh, and my momma is the swaggiest person you'll ever meet, just sayin.

 We headed over to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and watched the Joseph Smith movie. It was just great. I love that movie so much because it makes the restoration seem so much more real. Adding faces and emotions to the story just makes it really hit home for me.
For dinner we ate at the Lionhouse pantry or something like that. It was magnificent. I ate the artichoke chicken and I loved every bite of it. Our whole friend group managed to slide a whole bunch of tables together and sit at the same place. After we finished our food we arm wrestled into cake. There were two pieces of cake on either side of the arm wrestle and whoever lost got a handful of cake on them! It was so fun.

We toured the conference center which was so cool! There are so many original paintings in there that look absolutely stunning. I wish I could paint like those people! All of the primary paintings were in there and it was stellar to see all of them up close and see every individual brush stroke. It was crazy.
I was so glad that my momma could come up with me to youth conference. It is nice always having her around cause I never really realized how different it'll be once I'm gone and off at college.
Did that even make sense? haha.

My room managed to get into so much trouble when we were at the hotel because we were being so loud. Yikes! We had dance parties and were dancing all over the place. Brianna and I stayed up til 3am just talking about everything. It was crazy and it was hard to get up in the morning, but it was so fun to have a sleepover!

 The second day was just as great as the first, if not even better! We got split into different groups and mingled with some other wards that were there for youth conference as well and talked to the sister missionaries. There were many different activities going on, but the most memorable is the testimony meeting and dinner. The dinner was amazing. Holy cow if I knew how to cook like that I would die a happy gal. The testimony meeting was really great though. Bradyn kept nudging me to go up and saying that if I did he would as well...He finally said that he was going up in 3, 2, 1...and then stood up and walked up there! I made a spur of the moment decision to follow him, so I jumped up and trekked on up there with him. I was physically shaking while he was bearing his testimony, but when I got to the mic, all was well. I wasn't nervous at all.
I was so glad I shared my testimony! It just reaffirms my excitement for my mission in two and a half years. I couldn't be more pumped to share the gospel with people anywhere in the world that the Lord needs me.

Today we met and did service. The group I was in went and did service at the Harrison's house to help them move. I moved a lot of boxes and mattresses and learned how to weed whack, so that's cool! We played water games afterwards, and I learned how to hold a baseball bat and the basics of baseball rules. What a day!

(ps if you'd like to see pictures from last years youth conference, check this out)