Lemme just tell you about prom. Holy cow it was one of the most memorable nights of my life.
My friend Steven asked me to go with him, and I was in a group with my best friend, so how could it not be great?
Friday night was the day date and we went classic skating. I am not very good at classic skating. Or ice skating. Or any type of skating for that matter. At the very last second Steven and I totally wiped out and ate some turf (or whatever the skating floor material is) and I was like, I am done! But Alex on the other hand could just skate and skate for days on end like a real pro. I don't understand.
We then made pizzas and ate them and played games. After eating pizza we watched a movie, but Alex and I both accidentally fell asleep during the movie, so yikes to that haha.
The next day we went to an early dinner at Rumbi grill which was SO good. Oh my goodness I totally recommend the mango salad, because it was mui bueno! Yum yum yum.
We split up to get ready for the dance, got our pictures made, and then went up to Salt Lake for P R O M. We were one of the first ones there, so we just sat and talked and walked around the stadium where the dance was being held. It was a beautiful scene with glass windows all around so you could look all over the Salt Lake valley. As more people started to show up we danced and danced. In the last 15 minutes of the night, hardcore dance songs came on and we just went crazy! It was so fun!

It was such a grand night, and one that I will never ever forget!

I have a blog?!

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty bad at posting things on my blog. You see, life kind of seems boring and mundane and monotonous (do you like my choice of words? Ha) but then everything starts picking up speed, and eventually you are in a position where you have no time to do anything that you need to do and so you end up making cute banners and punny packages at 12:00 on a Wednesday night. 
To say the least, these two weeks since spring break have been busy. I feel like I have no time to even think about what I'm going to do next because I'm already there doing it. 


Life is good. 

Life is so good. Golf season is in full swing and I miss two days of school a week to go out and do what I love. 

/I've gotten to the point where I look at a text message and respond in my head but never text the person back. It's a bad habit to get into. 
/I forget when laundry day is and so instead of having my mom do it for me, I have to find a day where I can do it myself. It would be so much easier if I just remembered when laundry day was so I wouldn't do it myself. 
/I have 12 calc packets I have to make up because I've missed so much school for golf. 
/I am spending my time blogging rather than doing all the calculus packets I have to finish. 
/I have a crazy polo tan line which totally does not go with my prom dress, but it's cool. Maybe I'll start a trend. 
/is the end of the school year really coming? I feel like it's filing by but at the same time not coming fast enough. I know I'm contradicting myself. 
/right now is my busiest season for senior pictures and I love it. But I hate turning people away because I don't have anymore spots left. So aka book now because I'm almost filled to the brim!
/prom is going to be the most fun thing ever. I'm in a group with my best friend and it'll be just grand. Ah. Prom. 
/it's 10:30 and I know I should be asleep so maybe I'll wrap this up. 

Overall life is treating me just fine, as long as you can handle a sleep-deprived and hungry kiana, you'll be fine. 

PG morp say what?

I go to AF but I went to PG morp, so come at me. Holla at mixing schools! Jk I went because I live in pg and I went to pg junior high and all my ward friends were going and I think I still have friends over there. 
I've realized since this dance extravaganza that I need to know some high quality dance moves. I struggle a little but I can jump pretty well, so I guess that's a start. I kind of follow what everyone else is doing and I can never think of new moves to do which is tooootally lame. 
Anyway, back to morp. So me and this kid knew each other from our junior high days in band class together. And he golfs, so that's a win. It was kind of a spur of the movement type deal to ask him, but it ended up being fun! We made shirts, played at the park, ate pizza, danced, and went star tipping. As a group, we used 3 cans of whipped cream by squirting it on out hands, popping it into the air and trying to catch it in our mouths.