Sectionals. Always productive, never boring.

We trumpets have a knack for getting treats after sectionals. And during class. And they are oh so delicious!

Yesterday we had chicken nuggets from McDonalds, we've had little burgers from Wendy's, and a countless number of donuts and cookies. 

It might just be the highlight of my week.

post surgery lyfe // ramblings

Surgery was a success. I've been scootering around school like a maniac because I can't walk. And I absolutely love it. I can zoom around the school in seriously two minutes flat. I can't even handle the fact that in two days I will be walking (okay limping) around and trying to get my muscle back.
I can do so many things on my scooter. For example, people naturally become my friend. They hold doors for me, get chairs for me, and in return ask to ride my scooter. I don't think they realize that asking for something like that is such a commitment for me. If they ride off into the sunset with my scooter and never come back, I will be stuck where ever they left me, and I will be sitting there until someone helps me.
Trying to navigate the snow and ice is killer, but at least I don't go outside that often. I start slippin' and slidin' and my brakes don't help me stop, so I have to try to get some traction on my foot to try to stop me from fallin' off.


I fell off my scooter the other day. I was seriously going -15 mph (okay maybe like one mph) and fell off. It was kind of in slow motion, and I just fell over. How awkward is that?


Who says that cripples can't have fun? So far I've gone on three photoshoots, had tons of people over to play games, and filmed a whole Japanese movie all on my scooter/crutches. Sometimes I get discouraged, but I have to keep looking forward to when I can fully recover.


Did you know that one of my goals is to run a half marathon this year? I was training for one last year, but my surgery stopped me from being able to run in it. I hope I can start running soon and train hard so that I can reach that dream


Okay. This post is a whole bunch of gobbly gook and I should probably wrap it up.


All is well in the world of Kiana Bates. I've been totally slammed, but I'm getting back to blogging.


Here's to walking in two days!

I'm alive!!

Don't worry, y'all, cause I'm back!
Lots of things have happened since I came here last, but soon all the gaps will be filled. Here's a summary:
I got foot surgery
I had an amazing Christmas
I made a photography blog
I made a website for my photography business
I took a lot of pictures
I endured the hardest week of my life
and I am currently in the process of building my business!

Whew! Make sure to check out my photo blog and website! It took a while for me to design, so I would appreciate it if you showed it some love :)