happy thoughts

There are so many things in life that make me happy and I love hearing what makes people happy. I think you learn so so much about people when you learn what makes them happy

a list of things that make kiana happy on the day of december 30, year 2014

+getting really nice comments on a photo of yourself on instagram (don't lie everyone likes it) and especially when people tell you in real life that you look pretty (aka confidence boosters)
+family get-togethers where you play with darling children and come home after a white elephant exchange with a dvd that you were going to buy anyway (his girl friday)
+when all of your plans fall through for the morning and then your friend is down to do something fun.  or in other words people who are always down to model for you in the snow
+writing letters in the wee hours of the morning to people you haven't talked to in a while
+having huge huge snowflakes fall from the sky so peacefully that even a picture can't accurately portray the beauty
+anything frank sinatra, louis armstrong, or ella fitzgerald
+going to orthodontist appointments where they keep complimenting you on your outfit and your dad takes you out for burgers afterwards
+learning how to design & draw clothes
+pulling out my scrapbooking and card making supplies and crafting to my hearts desire
+it's a wonderful life
+my family

sledding and life lessons

Sometimes you need a nudge from your dad to get you to do something really fun. It's been three years since I've been able to have a real winter experience and I've since forgotten the typical snow activities that you can do. The last two years I had surgeries on my feet so I couldn't walk in the snow! To say that sledding was fun would be an understatement.
We valiantly tried to build ourselves a jump, but stumbled upon one that was 239x better than ours so we claimed it as our own. More snow was brought over and we built the fort up higher and higher. At last, we were able to go down the jump together, and we missed it. We tried again and finally got some air! After that we realized that it was a little dangerous having two of us on a sled while going off of a jump, so we went down individually.
I've got to say my bum is pretty sore from landing on it so many times! But it was such a blast. 

Since it's been so long since I've sledded, I've come up with some key things to remember before I ever go sledding again.

What I've learned from this is:

+don't wear just leggings when you're sledding. you will crash and get snow on your legs and that snow will melt and you will be wet for the rest of the time. just don't. you will be cold, i promise.
+wear gloves that have all the fingers attached. no hobo gloves. those are not ideal for the making of a snow jump. ice crystals will form inbetween your fingers and then your fingers will go numb. don't do that. it's not very fun at all.
+even if your hair is flawless before you go sledding, it will get messed up. it's inevitable. your bouncing curls will fall flat, your pin straight hair will turn wavy, and all around your hair will look like a poofy mess. embrace it. who cares about hair when you're having fun?
+you don't have to document everything. sometimes i get caught up in trying to get the perfect picture of a happy moment (that's what i get for being a photographer) and then i realize that living in the moment is great in itself. now, do take photos to remember the memory, but don't let it consume your whole experience
+hot cocoa after sledding is a must. but first you must change into your pajamas, put your hair up, snuggle up in a blanket, and turn on gilmore girls. then, you can drink your cocoa and just relax. i mean, isn't sledding in itself a workout?

I hope the next time you go sledding you take these things into consideration! And most of all, have FUN. That's what it's all about!

Fried Green Tomatoes

 Hello friends I am back (for good this time) and I have a recipe for you!
Also, check out my super rad new blog design. All of the credit goes to my friend Nalissa! She is AH-mazing. Holy cow! If you need a blog design, talk to her!

Alright, back to the fried green tomatoes. If you have ever visited the south, you know that fried green tomatoes are a staple! If not, I feel sorry for you. But alas, here is the recipe for you so you can make this delicious treat for yourself!

Fried Green Tomatoes!


hard, green tomatoes
1 egg
1 cup flour
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1/8" oil in fry pan

fill up your frying pan with oil up to 1/8" and set on stove top to boil.
cut your tomatoes in thick slices.
scramble the egg in a bowl.
mix flour, salt, and pepper.
dip each tomato in egg and then cover it with the flour mixture.
place tomato in hot oil. fry one side until light brown and then turn it over. take it out once both sides are light brown.
eat and enjoy!!

This is the best best thing to eat in the summer! I can't wait until we grow more tomatoes so I can feast on these!

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2014!

 On Sunday night, around 10:00pm we boarded our plane to New York Citaaay! We were on the red eye flight so we tried to all sleep on the plane before our big day in the city!

 We desperately wanted to try all the weird food, so the first thing we bought was a orange-flavored croissant thing that was absolutely delicious!
 We basically had free time all day on Monday and we got to see all the cool stores in Times Square!

 I am so lucky I got to go to New York with my best friends!!

 We saw Wicked on Broadway!! Oh. My. Heck. I had no idea what the premise of the play was, but it was so fantastic. I would recommend it to anyone! (And secretly I feel like I am more of Galinda...)
 When I first heard that the band was going to new york for the macy's parade, I immediately thought of these two things! I have wanted to go to the Lilly Pulitzer store so so badly, and my parents gave me the opportunity while we were there! Although the band wasn't going over to Madison Avenue, my parents were able to whisk me away onto the subway and over to my favorite store in the world. Oh my heck and I bought a planner that changed my life.
The second thing I wanted to visit was the bull! Since Hitch is my favorite movie, I had seen the bull in it every time I watched it. As I stood by it I fantasized what it would be like if I was a stock broker. Scary stuff, man.

 We saw the Statue of Liberty from afar and we got to go inside Grand Central Terminal!
 12:30am, morning of the parade. We suited up so we wouldn't freeze! And the band gave us these cute beanies with the AF band logo on them that we wore under our hats. Yay band!

 3:00am practice on Herald Square, or the Macy's star. The director man had us do our 1min 15 sec routine twice and was thoroughly impressed, to the point where he kissed our director on the cheek! After that we took naps, or tried to take naps, on the bus before breakfast at Planet Hollywood. Then we suited up and headed out to the parade route!

We got there so so early. The parade didn't start til 9 and we were there by 7:30. We played for Good Morning America and the drumline was the first thing on the Macy's parade snapchat story! We basically hung around the start of the route for an hour and a half. But while we were doing that, NICK JONAS DROVE BY. I repeat: Nick Jonas drove by on the back of a golf cart!! He smiled and waved and I was five feet from him. Oh my heck.

The announcer said "American Fork, please join the parade" and we were off! This by far was the most fun parade I have ever marched. There were so many people on the sides of the streets and above looking down from the skyscrapers. The floats were just magnificent. I kept having weird, whoa I'm in New York in the Macy's parade being watched by millions of people, moments. We kept a steady pace for the two miles before we got to the star. We entered the quiet zone and waited until it was our turn!

In the left picture is us before going on the star! (ps we weren't supposed to have our phones so I was breaking the rules, but whatever. It's not like I'm ever going to be doing it again) And then we were off again! For the next minute and fifteen seconds we were on live tv for the whole world to see. It was so grand, exhilarating, and every emotion!

My dad met these cool people on the route that were all friends and he got them all to cheer my name as we marched by. I totally heard them too. It was insane! They were so loud.

I think one of the best things was the fact that my parents could come with my to New York. You have no idea how much of a blessing it is to have such supporting parents. They never miss a performance.

After the parade we showered up and headed to the top of the rock! And after that we had a Thanksgiving dinner cruise/dance party. And in the second picture I think we had been up for almost 24 hours straight.

The last day was filled with Black Friday shopping (at least it was for me) or just lounging around if you wanted to. I hit my favorite stores and got some smoking hot deals. Then we hopped on the plane and left for home.

This whole trip felt like a dream. I still can't believe I was in the Macy's Parade, or that I was in New York. Wow!

An instance where Martinelli's was spilled all over the table (Preference 2014)

It's crazy to think that I won't be going to another preference ever again! I'm super lucky that I asked the perfect guy to have a grand date.

The morning started out so so early. Unless you don't think 9am is early, then it was a reasonable time. We had three couples in our car and seven couples total, so picking everyone up/dropping everyone off took a chunk of time, but having so many people was grand! All of us are in the band together so we know each other really well.

We had five meetings to try to plan this whole date and seriously nothing was happening. We were joking around about going to Cabela's and shooting their little laser guns at the mini targets, but all of a sudden it stuck and that's what we were doing!

The three car caravan drove over to Cabela's and we bought $5 worth of tokens and shot our pretty little hearts out. Afterward, we ate free fudge samples and looked at fish with afros.

By this time, it was pouring rain. So we ran back to the cars and drove back to my friend's house to decorate cakes! One of the couples decorated one with the band logo on it to take to our director. So, as soon as we were all finished and cleaned up with our cakes, we took the cake over to our band director! He had been sick the day before and we thought it would cheer him up! He invited us in and we talked to him for a little while and then went on our way.

We had three hours to get ready for the dance. Half of that was spent trying to figure out what I was going to do with my hair. I seriously had n o  c l u e.  So of course I had to go with the tried and true messy side braid with a shnazzy headband.

I got my dress from an amazing woman who rents them out for girls like me to wear to dances like this! I fell in love with this sparkly gold dress because it kind of represents who I am: shiny, happy, and a touch of class (sometimes).

We ate chicken cordon bleu and it was amazing. Each couple had a bottle of Martinelli's and ours just happened to get shaken up and shot out of the bottle all over the table...but I don't know how that happened ;)

The dance was a riot. The walls were even sweating from all the bodies stuffed into the small reception hall. But man, was it grand. I've never had so much fun slow dancing as I did that night. Holy cow!

my best friends birthday

my best friends birthday was yesterday. we (as her friends) had been planning for weeks as to what to do for her birthday, but nothing seemed good enough. finally, one of our friends came up with the idea to go boating and get her a cake for lunch! 
in wind symphony we gave her a dozen balloons. we attached them to her chair and after class was over we sucked helium and sang happy birthday. it was a grand time. and we ate lunch which consisted of cake and more cake.

right after school we loaded up in the boat and headed out to deer creek to go boating! it was so unbelievably cold and even with the wet suits we were freezing. and let me just say the tubing with contacts in is no bueno. but alas, it is possible to ride a tube even when you're injured! thank goodness, cause I would've not been able to do anything. 

okay lemme just tell you about this girl. ive known her for about a year and a half, but we really got close about 6 months ago. holy cow she is smart and funny and we are practically the same person which makes spending time together so super fun. I adore her and look up to her oh so much. and so happy 17 years of being on this planet my friend!

temple thursday

about a month ago two of my friends and  I went to the temple on a thursday and decided to have it become a weekly thing. we have come to know the temple workers quite well in the four weeks that we've gone. 
one of the most special things that happened while inside of the temple was that one of our friends who graduated last year was working in the temple the same time we were going. he is leaving on is mission this week, but has been working in the baptistery for a while now. he baptised us when we were inside and it seriously was one of the coolest experiences. it just went and showed us what a great missionary our friend is going to be. 
sadly, we have to change the time we go on thursdays, so all the temple workers will be different when we go for the next little while. but the spirit in the temple will never change. i love seeing my friends inside the temple doing the work of The Lord, and it just strengthens my testimony knowing how strong my friends are in the gospel. 
here's to many more months of weekly temple visits. 

something familiar (aka i have my boot back on)

i'm legit having an lol moment at myself because i suck at being safe and not being clumsy.
here i am, back in this boot that knows me oh too well. i've spent so many hours trapped inside of this complex contraption, but i've also healed a lot of wounds inside of this thing. and when i say a lot, i mean a lot of wounds.
two weeks ago i landed on my foot a little funny while i was jazz running at rehearsal, but i didn't really think much of it. i mean, it just hurt a little! but once it was swollen for a couple weeks i thought it was a good idea to get it checked out by a doctor. and so to the doctor i went.
the doctor instantly thought it was a stress fracture when he heard of my situation, but after thorough investigation and three xrays, we found that there was no breakage of any kind inside of my foot. you may ask, but why does it hurt? to which i (and the doctor) answer that we have no idea. lucky me.
he decided to stick me in my boot for two weeks and take it easy and see what happens from there.

we have our first marching band show in three weeks. pray, guys, that i get better. cause i have a solo. and it's my senior year. and so help me i cannot be injured for my last year of band cause that just flat out sucks. i know it's just a little thing, but it would be much appreciated.