Geddes Family

 I had the opportunity to capture this families photos! They have the most darling little families with such cute kids.

{Portraits} Snow Snow Snow

 The temperature was in the teens, but we braved the cold and snow and took some photos! It was so much fun to drink cocoa, laugh a little, and snap some pictures! Oh how I love winter.

we met santa!!

Remember the Christmas concert last year when we almost met santa?

Well, this year we actually did!

We waited in line patiently, while watching little kids sit on his lap and profess their wishes for Christmas. He always comes in on the last song and conducts the final part of Sleigh Ride. You can see all the little kids getting excited about him coming down with his bells and ho-hos and huge beard. I love Santa!

{Portraits} Sarah

I got to take photos of the stunning Sarah yesterday. We knew each other when we lived in North Carolina, but now we are both living out here in Utah! She is a model and actress and it was so fun to be able to take some pictures with her.

Ice Skating for days :)

 For YWs we went ice skating! It was quite a struggle at first because I was so afraid of falling on the ice. I only fell once because I wanted to photobomb my friend's picture and I came too fast and then ran into her, and we both fell down! I was finally getting the hang of it when we were leaving. Which means, the next time I go I'll be pro!
I thing Tuesday nights are my favorite nights. Mutual is awesome!

The First Snow of the Season!

The world changes when it snows. It's quiet. Everything softens. - Gilmore Girls

The first snow was this week! I couldn't stop gazing out of the windows of my classes and waiting to be able to go outside. I couldn't even wait to see the gorgeous white powder that covered the ground! Hazzah to the winter season :)

{Portraits} Megan!

 I honestly had so much fun taking these photos yesterday! We were at a loss on where to go to take them, but I think they turned out okay. This was the first time shooting in RAW format and in manual settings, so it was a new adventure for me! The skies got really dark really fast, so we switched our focus to some low light photos that turned out kinda creepy. So much fun yesterday!

PS this girl is such a trooper. I call her whenever I want to try something new out and she models for me, as you can see here, here, here, and here.