St George 2k13

 We took the busride down to St George and practiced. We sweated harder than we had all year in the first 15 minutes of that rehearsal. We were on fire. It was so excellent, I couldn't even describe.

My friends and I started a tradition of going to the temple and doing confirmations every year when we go down to St. George. It felt so great to take time out of our sweaty day and get to feel the spirit at the temple.

Redrocks (the state championship) was Friday night. It was a great great performance! It only made us more excited for region the next day!

Region was superb. The finals performance was stunning. It was the most amazing thing that I have ever participated in, in my whole life! Ah. So so good. Winning was, well, just the cherry on top of the cake!

 The typical kissing the trophy picture!

The Sunday after, we go to the church services as a band. It is so great to see all my friends in that kind of setting! And afterwards, we all walked over to the temple :) I love band!

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