We had to meet at the high school at 4:00 that morning. Yikes! We were all super tired but super hyped! We took had a layover in Denver, but safely arrived in Indianapolis around noon. We had the rest of the day to party and hang out at our hotel and just have fun waiting for everyone else to come on the other planes.

We went to bed early because our prelim performance was quite early the next morning. The performance was scary... I felt so alone, just like they said we would. The stadium was massive and absorbed our sound like a sponge. It felt like I was the only one playing and I was afraid. It was not the best performance that I had, and I regretted that because it could be the last performance I had.
The indoor practice really helped everyone's spirits and made us more confident if we were to go on to semi finals. We had to just trust that we would be able to keep going and perform our best next time.

We finally found that we had made it to semi finals and that we had drawn an early morning spot. We packed up and got back around 11-12 and were up again at 5 the next morning. We were warming up in the same room as a band with our music, but we didn't let that throw us. We managed to perform our most amazing, stunning, fantastic show, and we all felt closure. I no longer felt alone, and I no longer felt afraid of the massive stadium that we were playing in. I didn't care if we made it to finals or not because that was the best we could have ever done.

We had a couple of hours to wait before we found out if we made it to finals or not, so we headed over to Steak & Shake for some delicious shakes! It was such good food and shakes :) We walked around booths and stands and looked at all the cool nationals swag. We managed to watch a whole bunch of bands and they were fabulous!
We didn't make it into finals, but we came up at 17th in the nation! It was such a rush to be able to perform in such a grand stadium, and it was quite the trip.

We got back to the hotel room around midnight and ordered a pizza around one. We aren't allowed to leave our hotel rooms, but the delivery man came straight to our door! We got a large peperoni, a large meat lovers, and boneless chicken wings! Yum yum yum.
One of our friends who was in a room one floor down and one floor over wanted some pizza, so we decided to go on our outside deck (while it was pouring rain) and try to swing some over in a bag (pictured above) tied to dental floss. Sadly, the bag broke, and our precious pizza fell flour stories, slid on top of the pool rooftop, and landed on the ground. Our next plan included stuffing the pizza in the chicken box and throwing it over. That actually worked! But by that time, I was sufficiently soaked.
We didn't get to sleep until 3:00 that morning, but at least we didn't leave until noon that day!

 The trumpet girls all wore our girl shirts the day we were traveling. Yayayay! I am so glad they turned out the way they did!

The busride to the airport consisted of 36 mountain dews (supplied by the wonderful tuba section) which were consumed in 30 minutes. The kid next to me drank four, while I could only stomach one. Yikes!

Aaaand, we barely got out of Indy because of tornado watches. Thankfully, we were able to leave, but had to fly through some turbulence. Yay for being home!

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