so much feels

We always manage to get photobombed.
Wasatch Front was the best competition to date. I felt it. I got chills. The crowd started cheering as we swarmed the front of the field and my whole body was covered with goosebumps. // We were huddled together in the stands in our sweatpants and hoodies waiting for the scores to be announced. The 3A scores, the 4A scores, and finally, the 5A scores. We heard category after category, and waited for the final ranking. Bingham...Davis...and first place, American Fork, with the score of 929.4! // We had to stay at attention until they called fall out. But, I was shaking the whole time. Maybe it was because of the cold, and maybe it was because of the score. But as soon as I heard that we were released, I screamed. I hugged. I shouted. I jumped. 929? Holy cow! // That's the fire we need for BYU. That's the fire we need for the rest of the season!

PS. Here's the video from Wasatch Front. I think it was the best one yet!

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