those lazy hazy crazy days of...fall?

// if you watch gilmore girls, you'll understand the title //

I feel like sometimes I do nothing fun, but I have to remember the little things that make my day better. Here are some of them that I just noticed recently:

+ i got a 100 on my calculus quiz, and ive never aced a single thing in that class
+ hot cocoa at ihop is seriously my favorite. if you don't believe me, check here and here
+ fuzzy socks are a staple in my life, especially when youre trying to go to sleep. cold toes are not something that i like! the invention of the fuzzy sock has benefitted my life, thats for sure
+ cds are amazing. i love just loading all of my crazy music onto them in random orders because no matter what cd you turn on, you have no idea what you are going to listen to. i think that is so exciting and so fun and it just makes me happy to have 11 new cds to choose from when im in the car. (and the fact that i got that idea from my 'big sister' that i had when i was 12 years old makes it all the more better)
+ long sleeves are amazing. i love the feeling of security and warmth that they bring and that you can fold the sleeves over your fingers to keep them nice and toasty
+ capturing memories. i carry my camera around pretty much everywhere because i want to remember everything that happens. i love documenting the little things, like dressing up for a competition, or matching shirts, or the fact that i felt super confident one day. i think that i will be able to look back on all the pictures and memories i make and laugh, but also remember how good life was when i was young and free. it really helps me make sure that i make the most out of all the situations im in.

But, as life usual gets, it's just as crazy as ever. I practice and practice and practice, and when I don't have full practice, I have section practice. And then I practice at home, during school, and even when I sleep.
It seems like I have absolutely no time to dilly dally and do anything fun or exciting, but that is so far from the truth. Today, after school I had band rehearsal as a trumpet section, but then I drove up and got my drivers license! How crazy is that? Watch out, Utah. I am now able to drive by myself. YIKES. Anyways, after that, I came home, ate a quick dinner, and went to mutual. We had a chill time making and eating our caramel apples. Everyone was jealous that we made them :) It was really fun to relax and talk while making something absolutely delicious. It was soothing to slow down for a little while and know that I didn't have to run around making sure that everyone was okay.

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