bonfires on bonfires on bonfires

My friend texted me right when I got done with practice to come over to roast some dogs and mallows. The sun was just dropping beneath the trees and the air nipped at my nose as I walked into the field. The flames were as tall as a small child and felt like a furnace in the cold wind. The fire was licking the air around my dog as I tried to cook it to perfection. My face felt like it was melting off with the heat of the burning mass. // The buns were long gone so I tried to enjoy it with only ketchup as a garnish. It's not as good as with a bun, but it was delicious just the same. // I was betting that I could fit more than 7 marshmallows on the stick and I did; I fit 8. I eventually caught them all on fire and they burned to a satisfying charred glob; but I ate part of it just the same. Chocolate and graham crackers covered up the taste of ashes. // I'm not used to having fun on a school night, but sometimes you gotta live a little.

PS. Here's the video from Nebo. I tore my scar tissue in the middle of this show, so it wasn't as good for me, and it wasn't as good for the band as a whole. But, life goes on, and we keep improving.

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