We dressed up for the Davis competition. What a tradition! I love the fact that we dress up :)
During jazz band, my friend blurted out that it was my birthday. Mr. Miller said, "Alright, everyone pick a key and play happy birthday!" Well, of course everyone chose different keys, so it sounded absolutely awful. But it was really cool to have the whole jazz band playing happy birthday for me!

This girl and I share the same birthday. That's right. We have the same date of birth, except it's separated by a year! I love that she is in my section and we got to spend the day together and perform together!
Our dry run was so so so cold. It was a good run, though. It felt really good to go through the show after not being able to practice for the whole fall break.
Like usual, we got into the band room and we had our chat. Of course, having a friend who is a drum major guarantees the fact that you will be sung to on your birthday, and that's what happened. I was so embarrassed!

We hopped on that bus and we headed out for the hour and a half drive to Davis High School where we performed. It was freezing cold and our instruments felt like they just came out of the freezer. We had to keep blowing warm air to make sure we were in tune when we performed!
We lit the fire and I lost my voice again. Mele-packi, specified rice, and six were all done, and then we did the punch with each member of our section. I felt it! And it felt goood.

// here's the video if you want to see it //

We stood in retreat and waited for the scores. My fingers were seriously so frozen because the spit had frozen on my gloves. Yikes. Anyway, we managed to sweep the captions and get 961! Freaking nine sixty one! That is the highest score that I have ever gotten in my whole marching band career! They let us fall out and we all just hugged and hugged!

We got the Davis and American Fork trumpet sections together and we all took a picture. It was so awesome to meet all of them and become better friends with them!

My mom gave the trumpet section rice krispys for our birthday, and me and the birthday girl each a cupcake! It was so awesome and I felt so so loved.

We got back to good ole American Fork, put our arms around each other, and sang the friend song together. Afterward, everyone exchanged hugs, which is by far my favorite part of the evening. Everyone told me happy birthday and it was so special to me.

I got home at midnight to find this in my lawn. My friends had forked my lawn with balloons with kind messages.

I have to say, my sweet sixteen was absolutely spectacular. It was so amazing and all of my friends and family made sure that I had the best day ever!


  1. ah happy late birthday! your blog is the cutest i love it :) xoxo justacrazydreamer.blogspot.com

  2. Hey girl! Now you should change your sidebar-- it still says 15. ;) Looks like you had a great birthday. The band looks really good.


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