Sunday nights

We spent the evening carving pumpkins. Yay for cityscapes, trumpets, rage face, and crazy faces. I love halloween! Too bad we will be in St. George for Halloween!

weekend weekend weekenddd

It started Friday night with a halloween trumpet party. I was dressed as my older brother, Peter, who has a knack for wearing khaki pants and beanies. Other people in the party included Percy Jackson, Waldo, Wesley, and other characters. We had some of the parents come and we all played Telestrations together. We were all laughing and having a fun time.

The next morning bright and early I took the ACT. It sucked so so bad, but at least I made it through without going to sleep. I went to the competition where my dad was announcing, and watched some of the little bands that went on before us.

Our call time was 4:45 and we did a couple dry runs and put our uniforms on. We drove over to the competition and got ready and hyped. I love this show because it's our home show. The stands were completely full and we performed so well. Ah! All the visuals we added were stellar.

PS here is the video. :))

hello end of first term

Well, here's to the first fourth of the school year being over. To be honest, it is so relieving to have this term be over and relax for a second. SIKE, not. This week has been so dang stressful that I just want to quit school altogether. Oh well.

Today was filled with making sure that every assignment was turned in and taking tests that I needed to retake.

Thank goodness I was able to go to the temple today! My friend and I just went after school and it felt so good to get away for a while. I love love love the temple.

Here's to having halloween trumpet parties the night before the ACT that is tomorrow. And being so tired that you think you'll sleep through the test. But at least now is good, right?

those lazy hazy crazy days of...fall?

// if you watch gilmore girls, you'll understand the title //

I feel like sometimes I do nothing fun, but I have to remember the little things that make my day better. Here are some of them that I just noticed recently:

+ i got a 100 on my calculus quiz, and ive never aced a single thing in that class
+ hot cocoa at ihop is seriously my favorite. if you don't believe me, check here and here
+ fuzzy socks are a staple in my life, especially when youre trying to go to sleep. cold toes are not something that i like! the invention of the fuzzy sock has benefitted my life, thats for sure
+ cds are amazing. i love just loading all of my crazy music onto them in random orders because no matter what cd you turn on, you have no idea what you are going to listen to. i think that is so exciting and so fun and it just makes me happy to have 11 new cds to choose from when im in the car. (and the fact that i got that idea from my 'big sister' that i had when i was 12 years old makes it all the more better)
+ long sleeves are amazing. i love the feeling of security and warmth that they bring and that you can fold the sleeves over your fingers to keep them nice and toasty
+ capturing memories. i carry my camera around pretty much everywhere because i want to remember everything that happens. i love documenting the little things, like dressing up for a competition, or matching shirts, or the fact that i felt super confident one day. i think that i will be able to look back on all the pictures and memories i make and laugh, but also remember how good life was when i was young and free. it really helps me make sure that i make the most out of all the situations im in.

But, as life usual gets, it's just as crazy as ever. I practice and practice and practice, and when I don't have full practice, I have section practice. And then I practice at home, during school, and even when I sleep.
It seems like I have absolutely no time to dilly dally and do anything fun or exciting, but that is so far from the truth. Today, after school I had band rehearsal as a trumpet section, but then I drove up and got my drivers license! How crazy is that? Watch out, Utah. I am now able to drive by myself. YIKES. Anyways, after that, I came home, ate a quick dinner, and went to mutual. We had a chill time making and eating our caramel apples. Everyone was jealous that we made them :) It was really fun to relax and talk while making something absolutely delicious. It was soothing to slow down for a little while and know that I didn't have to run around making sure that everyone was okay.

ihop hot cocoa, though.

It may seem that we go to iHop a lot...but we don't. We just go there for hot cocoa.
Last night was sadies, but since we were so dang tired from band camp, we decided to get some hot chocolate instead! We walked in and I saw one of my old friends from junior high who was going to sadies that night (which explains the photobombers in the fancy clothes). We played spoons, drank hot cocoa, and were extremely obnoxious. But it was all fun and exciting, and eventually ended in spilled cocoa and all the spoons snatched from the table.
Yay for girls nights!

practice makes permanent

This weekend we had a fall camp for our marching band. We flew out Leon May, the god of all marching band, and he helped us get our show better! We had a 3-9:30 practice on Friday, and an 8-3 practice yesterday. It was so so so cold in the early morning and late evenings, and so we were all bundled up and cold together. We pretty much changed everything (just kidding, but close) and the show is way cooler now. Yay for working hard and having fun.


We dressed up for the Davis competition. What a tradition! I love the fact that we dress up :)
During jazz band, my friend blurted out that it was my birthday. Mr. Miller said, "Alright, everyone pick a key and play happy birthday!" Well, of course everyone chose different keys, so it sounded absolutely awful. But it was really cool to have the whole jazz band playing happy birthday for me!

This girl and I share the same birthday. That's right. We have the same date of birth, except it's separated by a year! I love that she is in my section and we got to spend the day together and perform together!
Our dry run was so so so cold. It was a good run, though. It felt really good to go through the show after not being able to practice for the whole fall break.
Like usual, we got into the band room and we had our chat. Of course, having a friend who is a drum major guarantees the fact that you will be sung to on your birthday, and that's what happened. I was so embarrassed!

We hopped on that bus and we headed out for the hour and a half drive to Davis High School where we performed. It was freezing cold and our instruments felt like they just came out of the freezer. We had to keep blowing warm air to make sure we were in tune when we performed!
We lit the fire and I lost my voice again. Mele-packi, specified rice, and six were all done, and then we did the punch with each member of our section. I felt it! And it felt goood.

// here's the video if you want to see it //

We stood in retreat and waited for the scores. My fingers were seriously so frozen because the spit had frozen on my gloves. Yikes. Anyway, we managed to sweep the captions and get 961! Freaking nine sixty one! That is the highest score that I have ever gotten in my whole marching band career! They let us fall out and we all just hugged and hugged!

We got the Davis and American Fork trumpet sections together and we all took a picture. It was so awesome to meet all of them and become better friends with them!

My mom gave the trumpet section rice krispys for our birthday, and me and the birthday girl each a cupcake! It was so awesome and I felt so so loved.

We got back to good ole American Fork, put our arms around each other, and sang the friend song together. Afterward, everyone exchanged hugs, which is by far my favorite part of the evening. Everyone told me happy birthday and it was so special to me.

I got home at midnight to find this in my lawn. My friends had forked my lawn with balloons with kind messages.

I have to say, my sweet sixteen was absolutely spectacular. It was so amazing and all of my friends and family made sure that I had the best day ever!

yikes hardcore

before // after

It started with the idea to give cookies to people.

So we started at 8:50 pm and so we had to hurry since we were giving them to people with little kids. By the time we left, it was raining hardcore. We tried to use the umbrella, but it kept flipping inside out and it was useless. Yikes yikes yikesss.
We put the cookies on the first doorstep, rang the doorbell and ran. It was so wet! Puddles were all over the place. I could not feel my fingers or toes, but it was fun. We stopped at the next house and ran the same type of scenario. When they didn't come to the door, we decided to leave it and come back and went to our friend's house to give her the last plate.

When we got back, we were soakedddd. Hardcore. But it was fun.


Yesterday, I walked into my home, and to my surprise, my friends were there!

Lemme back up for a second.

I went to my friend's house and we made some brownies, had a tether ball tournament, and laid on the trampoline until I had to go to a trumpet girl party at 7:45. My friends walked me home, and we got to my driveway. I was about to say bye, but she said, "I have to pee really bad... Can I use your bathroom?" And I said she could. And I walked in and everyone shouted "Surprise!"

I always dreamed of having a surprise sweet 16 birthday party, and I got it! I had lots of my friends there, both from the ward and from band. We played lots of silly games; ones where we had to sit on balloons and make them pop, string penne pasta through spaghetti with our teeth, and move sweettarts with a straw.

After that, we ate cake and roasted marshmallows. But we really just played chubby bunny with the marshmallows. The record was 12 marshmallows in one mouth. Crazy!

We danced in my backyard with the help of the bates brothers DJ service. But really, they have awesome music. And we danced and jumped and had a blast.

Let's be real. It was one of the best times.

{Portraits} Missy

This girl totally rocks! I've taken her pictures before, and it was so fun. We drove around and talked and just had a good time spending an hour together!


Ah. I don't even know how to describe this one, it was so perfect. But I'll give it a try...
We went through two dry runs and jumped on the bus so we could watch some other bands. We got into the stadium and watched PG, Lone Peak, and West Lake. We then ran and got into our uniforms and started to get ready to perform. We were in the arc and everything was clicking. Everyone was in tune and I was hitting notes with ease. I could feel it!
We lit the fire and I don't think I've ever screamed so loudly ever in my life. I had to clear my throat a couple of times before I could talk. We did meele-packi, specified rice, and six; all the traditions. We walked over and I punched everyone on the AF that sits on our chests. We hyped and we were off.
The chills came over me again after we were done, and I could hardly breathe. Maybe that was because I had just played my heart out and left it out on the field, or because I didn't take enough breaths.
The announcer dragged the announcements out as long as he possibly could. He announced, "And second place is..." about five times, and I just wanted to know! We swept all the captions and left with the score of 928. But the feeling was the best part of the day.
The friend song was amazing. We sang our hearts out. I looked around the room and saw all these people that I loved and it choked me up like so many times before. Our season is already half over. In two months, this will all be over.

PS. Here's the video! It totally rockedddd. Favorite show by far. and I know I said that before. But this time it's forreal.

so much feels

We always manage to get photobombed.
Wasatch Front was the best competition to date. I felt it. I got chills. The crowd started cheering as we swarmed the front of the field and my whole body was covered with goosebumps. // We were huddled together in the stands in our sweatpants and hoodies waiting for the scores to be announced. The 3A scores, the 4A scores, and finally, the 5A scores. We heard category after category, and waited for the final ranking. Bingham...Davis...and first place, American Fork, with the score of 929.4! // We had to stay at attention until they called fall out. But, I was shaking the whole time. Maybe it was because of the cold, and maybe it was because of the score. But as soon as I heard that we were released, I screamed. I hugged. I shouted. I jumped. 929? Holy cow! // That's the fire we need for BYU. That's the fire we need for the rest of the season!

PS. Here's the video from Wasatch Front. I think it was the best one yet!

bonfires on bonfires on bonfires

My friend texted me right when I got done with practice to come over to roast some dogs and mallows. The sun was just dropping beneath the trees and the air nipped at my nose as I walked into the field. The flames were as tall as a small child and felt like a furnace in the cold wind. The fire was licking the air around my dog as I tried to cook it to perfection. My face felt like it was melting off with the heat of the burning mass. // The buns were long gone so I tried to enjoy it with only ketchup as a garnish. It's not as good as with a bun, but it was delicious just the same. // I was betting that I could fit more than 7 marshmallows on the stick and I did; I fit 8. I eventually caught them all on fire and they burned to a satisfying charred glob; but I ate part of it just the same. Chocolate and graham crackers covered up the taste of ashes. // I'm not used to having fun on a school night, but sometimes you gotta live a little.

PS. Here's the video from Nebo. I tore my scar tissue in the middle of this show, so it wasn't as good for me, and it wasn't as good for the band as a whole. But, life goes on, and we keep improving.