Tis the Season!

This is the time that we talk about for the five months leading up to it. It's finally competition season! Ah. I love it. I love how I am never able to sit and relax, and I'm either practicing, sleeping, or doing homework. But, that is just what comes with being in marching band! And I absolutely love it.
Tomorrow is the Nebo Competition. Here's to another night full of playing our hearts out and leaving our souls on the field!

PS, here is the video from Bridgerland that was last week. Our first legit show. We have a lot to work on, but I think that it's a good start to the season!

Adventure is out there

 Today was my friends birthday! We have been talking about going to iHop and getting hot cocoa and relive what we did many moons ago in the dead of night. The night from months before included sitting by a fire in the rain while our brothers fished. We tried to get waffles from the Waffle Love truck, but they were closed. So we went to iHop, and drank cups and cups of hot cocoa. We managed to get our food five minutes before we had to leave, so we wolfed down our new york strawberry cheesecake pancakes and ran to the car so we could get home on time.
This time, there were so many things that were similar. We drank hot cocoa, ate our food super fast cause we had to get home, and ran back to the cars. And we look awful because we just finished practice!

 We struggle like crazy.

And this is just the beginning

Today is the first of many competitions. We dress up because we are proud of our hard work and we love showing our school that we care.

Alex and I supported PG today at their family show. We always wear our caveman red because we represent the band! So much cheering went on. It will be such a great show!