Summer Nights

We had mutual and afterwards ate ice cream on cones while sitting and talking in my driveway. It was so funny to see how fast the guys could eat ice cream. Three seconds and it was gonee. We got the ice cream with money from one of the guys in our ward. He said that if he bought us ice cream he would get blessings, so he gave us some money. It was well spent, I guarantee it!

The guys all left and us girls decided to just chill outside. We were laying on the ground looking at the stars and thinking about what would happen if we spit up in the air when we were lying down. We were trying to have a deep conversation, but it did not work, that's for sure. "Your sink is rudolph!" is one of the main highlights of the evening. Maybe we had too many cookies or ice cream.

We got my camera out and started taking random pictures. By then it was around 10:30 and we were just going crazy. We had jumping picture after jumping picture that didn't work because we weren't all up the air. We were trying so hard too! Lemme just say that these pictures are just to give you an accurate representation of how awkward we are.

I swear, if each summer night was like this, summer would be perfect.


  1. Summer nights are the best! Crazy how fast summer flew by, yet again!! :)

  2. Unfortunately, there are no summer nights here in Ghana(Africa). :( You all look like you had a lot of fun! x

  3. I just found your blog on bloglovin'! So cute.

  4. cute blog!!


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