Keeping the Tradition

Remember this post last year about how the first Saturday after school started we would watch a chick flick and eat Papa Johns? I really didn't think that we would have it become a real tradition, but we did it again this year! Except, we did it on Friday night, not Saturday. But I don't think traditions have to be that technical.
Megan, Brianna and I decided to get two medium pizzas from Papa Johns. One with peperoni and extra cheese, and one with bacon on the whole thing with grilled chicken on one half and a three-cheese blend on the other. We waited for the pizza to get here by watching Gilmore Girls. We then proceeded to eat almost both pizzas and watched 17 Again. We all felt SO sick cause we ate so much and just laid around and watched the rest of the movie.
After the movie, we gave some of the leftover cookies we had to our neighbors that we always doorbell ditch. I don't know why we don't just give them the stuff in person because they can always assume it's us knocking on their door!
We laid on the driveway until 11:00 and talked about everything: school, picnics, how much we ate, everything. It was so much fun!


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