Band Camp!

This past week was band camp! It's the only time where we sing Highway to Hell on the bus, which says something. As usual, we had never-ending practices that lasted late into the night, amazing food, and fruit breaks. This year was harder than usual, but more fun for me! We got a lot of stuff done and we learned up to the 93rd set. As usual, we had the famous Ed come and yell at us to make us better. Mr. Arnold was there. He is an absolutely amazing director who used to teach at the jr. high. Our trumpet shirts were about what he said during a rehearsal, so we all got him to sign our shirts! Pretty awesome.
It was quite tiring, and I'm sure I am at least 5 shades darker than I was before, but it was really great. I know it sounds stupid and dorky, but I love marching band so much.

Last year's band camp

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