Ed. Camp.

Well, it has been quite a week.

The marching band has been working non stop since Monday to get ready for this season! We have been having 7am-4pm practices Monday thru Thursday, and finishing our camp with a short day that was 7-noon.
I have to say that this week the whole bands' skin tone got a little darker. Marching outside for hours on end can do that to you!

Our first parade was this morning. It was around 100 degrees all day, and it was quite hot in those uniforms. I could've sworn that the route was longer than the past years, but it was the same. We were trying to integrate the marching style, articulations, and posture that we've learned throughout the week. My muscles were engaged the whole time, and when we could relax, my hip kind of spazzed out.
I have to say that I am so grateful for all the band moms and dads that help us so much. Without them, there would be a line of dehydrated band kids dying for water after we got done. They were there before and after the parade ready to give us all the water that we could handle!
I am kind of nervous for next week's fourth of July parade since it is the longest one we do all year. I know it will be a blast though, since there are so many people cheering us on from the sidelines!

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