Today I went golfing with this girl!

First off, we were super confused. We were teeing off with this other group, and they said that we could tee off first. Since we teed off the red tees, we were really far ahead of them! So we were debating on whether or not to stop and wait for them or just play through. So we called her mom and asked her, and she said to just play through! So we just left them behind. When we looked back again, they found another two-some to join. It all worked out in the end!

After we were done playing, we saw this guy teeing off of hole one and he had a cigar. It was like 6 inches long and he was just smoking away. It was quite hilarious!

Our golf game kinda sucked today. I ended up with a 63, and she ended up with a 66. We had loads of fun though! We took pictures on every hole and just had a blast. I'm so glad that I can just play for fun sometimes.

This summer is starting out as a success. I hope that it stays that way!

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