Spring Break Day 2

Yesterday was an eventful day. First of all, I was working on Kent's mission scrapbook and I have 6 pages done so far! And then, I got together with my friends and blew up a whole bunch of balloons and drew faces on them. We then stuffed them into a plastic bag and started handing balloons out to all the kids in our neighborhood who occupied our streets.

We had no idea what to do with all the leftover balloons, so we decided to stuff them into our friend's room. We got her brother to open her window and we shoved all the rest of the balloons into her bedroom.

After that, we headed over to my friend's house and ate some dinner and thought of what to do next. We were so bored! Then, her mom suggested that we do some April Fool's jokes. We decided to make brown-Es. We cut out E's from brown construction paper, and wrapped them like they were really brownies and took them to people's houses. I love ding dong ditching people cause it is so hilarious! Anyways, we did that to like 5 houses, and then we went and heart attacked people for their birthdays. A mighty fine day, I might say!


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