I got to babysit these cute kids last night! It was a fun evening full of playing catch, building a fort, watching the Hunger Games, taking pictures, and making cookies. Although these kids may act crazy and totally insane, they finally settled down for a really fun night!

Our fort was perfect, surrounding all of the couches and making a little alcove to watch the movie.We decided to just skip to the 'good' part of Hunger Games, or when got into the arena. It is such a good movie, even if you start in the middle!

I love babysitting them! They are so fun, even if they tend to drive me crazy sometimes :)

{Senior Photos} Brittany!

I had such a good time shooting these photos! Brittany is just SO funny. We were laughing pretty much the whole time that we were taking pictures. Her mom came along too, with a fantastic white chair and amazing poses to try out!

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{Portraits} Roommates!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take photos of these beautiful roommates! They were together at BYU and we just had such a good time taking these photos! Each of them are so photogenic. It was so windy, so when we walked around the campus we had our hair whip around our faces. They were such good sports though!

Click here to see all the photos!

{Portraits} Spring is Here!

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 Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take photos of my beautiful friends! We walked around town, ate cupcakes, and had a fun time posing in a field. They are so gorgeous! I love taking pictures of them :)

We went to Alisha's Cupcakes, a cupcake shop that won on the TV show Cupcake Wars. They were the most delicious cupcakes that I have ever tasted! And only for $2.50!

We wandered through secret alleyways, made a Lego Rock Band, and did P90X. It was quite a successful day of shooting and having fun!

My Mom at 8

This is my mom when she was 8 years old. She was living in Japan.

 This is me when I was little. I was at the natural science center!

For one of my Personal Progress projects, I am scanning old photos and putting stories along with them. Yesterday, I was scanning pictures for 3 hours and only got 10 years done!

To complete the project, I have to have at least 10 hours of work on this project, and if I keep doing about 3 hours each Sunday, it will be done so fast!

I only have 3 more projects left before I'm done. I am so excited! My goal is to get it before my birthday in October, and I think that I'll be able to do that!

Yay for family history, and yay for personal progress!

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Extreme Couponing: Bates Edition

In my house, we get 7 newspapers in front of our home every Sunday morning.
That evening, we proceed to organize, cut out, and organize again those coupons. 
My brother (a budding videographer) decided to compile a video about really how intense this process is.
(You may know my brother from this post of his senior photos.)

So get ready, you guys. It's pretty spectacular.

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{Portraits} The Friend Shoot!

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 I got the chance to take photos of these wonderful girls! I knew them from junior high and they are so beautiful! We were laughing and having a good time while taking these photos! If you want to see all 50 of them, visit my facebook page!

Spring Break, Day 3

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This gurl is my home slice. She is half Japanese just like me! Hottie, babe, and absolutely insane just begin to describe her.
We made two batches of these cookies. We were going to sell them to the good people of my neighborhood, but we ended up taking a bunch of photos in photobooth.
Then, we went outside and filled up a whole bunch of normal balloons with water and threw them at each other. We got so soaked! So we laid outside and dried off. :)