State DECA!

Sorry guys. I've been MIA for a while now. Life has been super busy recently with the end of term, golf tryouts going on, and tons of band functions to perform in!

But, a couple of weeks ago I got to participate in the State DECA competition. DECA is pretty much a business club that involves a 100 question test and a role play situation. I was in the principles of business management section of the competition. I took a business management test and did a role play that was like an interview. It was so much fun!

The first day we did all the preliminary things, like taking the tests and doing the role plays. We had lots of free time, and so my new friend and I went to Zupas and ate some delicious soups! There was a DECA dance that night, but it was super lame. And I couldn't dance because I had my walking boot on, so we left and watched a movie on Disney Channel while sipping hot cocoa.

The first award ceremony was early in the morning, so we went and heard who went to finals. My friend and I didn't make it into finals, so we went to Barnes and Noble and had some hot chocolate.

 We pretty much goofed off for the rest of the day, and then went to the final ceremony where they announced who was going on to Nationals. I was announced as having one of the top tests! I was in the top 10% by getting an 85. :)

Then we went home. It was such a fun time!

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