Spring Break, Day 1

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First day of spring break? Done.

Let's just say that it was a blast, including selling lemonade and seeing the YW broadcast in the conference center.

Our lemonade business was a success! We got $4 from the lovely neighbors that we have. And we were only selling for about 30 minutes! We've decided to put up flyers and prepare more so we can sell even more next Saturday.

Then, we went to see the YW broadcast in the conference center! It was amazing. There were the value colors in banners around the building, and lots of my friends were singing in the choir. Afterward we went to Zupas and it was absolutely delicious.

This next week? Two senior photo shoots, free MaryKay makeovers, and golf. Spring break 2013, here I come.

The First Hoo-Hah of the Trumpet Section

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Last night we had our very first trumpet party of 2013 trumpet section! It was complete with eating, wrestling, talking, more eating, watching marching band videos, and wheel barrel races! We got to know all the new people while having loads of fun.
This year is going to be great!

I have nothing to say.

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+ My brother comes home in 6 weeks from his mission.

+ I'm eating a mango.

+ Next week is spring break.

+ I took Cloe's, Abby's, Peter's, Makayla's, and Sara's pictures.

+ My wonderful trumpet section is absolutely perfect.

+ Golf started again.

+ One term until summer!

+ I got my permit.

+ I have 100 likes on my facebook page!

{Portraits} Cloe + Madison!

These girls? Amazing. We were laughing the whole time. It was the best hour of my day, and we had such a fun time taking these photos! They are beautiful inside and out :)

It's started again

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Golf season is beginning again.
Last week, I golfed 9 holes 4 times. Which means I played 36 holes in all. I got a 66, 66, 56, and 61. It was so much fun! I am so excited for this golf season!

The Last Hoo-Hah of the Trumpet Section

 Friday night we had the last party of the trumpet section of 2012. This year has been a great one! Including being region BOA champs. Our section is so close and has so much fun! I absolutely love all of the trumpets in our section!

Our party included playing telestrations (pics at the bottom), having a donut eating contest, having loads of junk food, and just being crazy. It was so much fun! We all pooled money and got our section leaders photo books with pictures throughout the year so they will always remember us.

State DECA!

Sorry guys. I've been MIA for a while now. Life has been super busy recently with the end of term, golf tryouts going on, and tons of band functions to perform in!

But, a couple of weeks ago I got to participate in the State DECA competition. DECA is pretty much a business club that involves a 100 question test and a role play situation. I was in the principles of business management section of the competition. I took a business management test and did a role play that was like an interview. It was so much fun!

The first day we did all the preliminary things, like taking the tests and doing the role plays. We had lots of free time, and so my new friend and I went to Zupas and ate some delicious soups! There was a DECA dance that night, but it was super lame. And I couldn't dance because I had my walking boot on, so we left and watched a movie on Disney Channel while sipping hot cocoa.

The first award ceremony was early in the morning, so we went and heard who went to finals. My friend and I didn't make it into finals, so we went to Barnes and Noble and had some hot chocolate.

 We pretty much goofed off for the rest of the day, and then went to the final ceremony where they announced who was going on to Nationals. I was announced as having one of the top tests! I was in the top 10% by getting an 85. :)

Then we went home. It was such a fun time!

Guest Post: Madi!

Hi! My name is Madi, from lovemadilee. I'm a fifteen year old Mormon girl from Pittsburgh, PA. 

Kiana and I wanted to guest post with each other, but we didn't know what to write about. We eventually decided to write about something we have in common: being a Mormon teen. But that's also a difference about us. While Kiana is a Mormon in Utah,  (what we East Coasters like to call "inside the Zion Curtain," light heartedly, of course; there's nothing wrong with living in Utah. In fact, I bet most Mormon teens out here have wished they did at some point or another) I'm a Mormon in Pennsylvania. And believe me, it's so different. 

This is the youth in my ward at our last temple trip:

I know, pretty sparse. 

Take me for example. As long as I've been in Young Women, there have only been (at most) three active girls. Right now there's one: me. There's only ever been (again, at most) three active Young Men. Right now one is my little brother, and another set of two brothers that live down the street from me. It probably sounds hard to believe for anyone who hasn't been through it, but I'm telling you, it's completely true. 

And I've got to say, it's hard. It's hard being the only YW in class most of the time. It's hard going to Wednesday night activities (we combine with another ward who has more girls) and not having any friends there. But most of all, it's hard knowing that once I turn 16, the dating pool is going to be very limited. (Totally kidding. I don't even think about dating at this point.)

There are pros to being one of the only Young Women, though. It means I get all three of my leaders' attentions, all the time.  I started this blog for my individual worth value project, and all because I was able to talk my leaders into it. (Correction: they didn't really need talking into; I presented a valid enough argument for the project that they let me do it with out really caring too much about whether or not it fit with the example projects.)

All right, so now that I've told my scary stories of being the only YW, let me explain myself a little bit. Don't get it into your heads that every single ward in the East Coast only has one YW in it. In fact, I've only ever known of one other ward like that. All the other wards in my stake have more than one YW right now. 

There are two wards in my city: one covers one half of the city (and doesn't go outside) and the other ward has the other half of the city, and the neighboring two or three suburbs. All the rest of the wards in my stakes are either completely suburban, or another small town, or not even in the same state (we have one or two wards down in West Virginia). Since I'm in the ward that's completly city, there are a lot of students in it. Lots of the Mormon students at Pitt, CMU and the other colleges in Pittsburgh live in the neighborhoods that are in my ward. So basically, my ward is filled to the brim with twenty-some couples with little kids. 

So I guess if you can befriend twenty-some girls with little kids (which I can... they give me all their old clothes when they either, 1. get pregnant again and can't fit into hardly anything cute, or 2. when they clean out their closets. And it's awesome, because they all have really cute style), then you'll be all right in my ward. 

Wow. This is getting off topic. Let me bring it back. 

Mormons on the East Coast in a nutshell:
1. There aren't tons and tons of youth in our wards.
2. Our stakes cover more than a neighborhood. 
3. We usually have to drive more than fifteen minutes to get to a temple (the closest ones to me are 3, 4 and 4.5 hours away)
4. There aren't as many members as there are out west, which means...
5. More missionary opportunities for us!
6. I've gotta say, I've wished more than once to live in Utah (so many Mormons my age!)...
7. But I really like Pittsburgh, and I'm not leaving anytime soon...
8. Except for my mission in 4 years...
9. And the off to BYU...
10. But then I'm moving back east. No question about it. 
11. I think Utah's really cool, but growing up in Pittsburgh has trained me to be used to a different type of living...
12. I guess I'm trying to say that

{Senior Photos} Peter!

On Tuesday we took my brother's senior pictures. It took an hour and a half, and to be honest I'm so surprised he posed for that long! He was having a good time though with changing clothes and coming up with new photo ideas.

And afterward, we went to Zupas. It was a good day.

{Senior Photos} Abby!

For the whole album, click here.

 Can we just agree that she is absolutely beautiful? I had such a fun time driving around and taking photos. We went to a park near the high school, and there were these golfers there who said "Hey! Do you need a mail model? Cause I'm this guy's agent if you need one!"

We kinda walked off really fast while dying of laughing. And then we had cars honking at us, and people shouting CUUUUUTEEE out of their car windows. But, other than that, it was the most normal thing that you would've ever seen!


+ We had no school today.

+ I am taking pictures later.

+ The golf course opens tomorrow.

+ I slept in.

+ Marching band is starting soon.

+ I can walk without my boot now.

+ People actually like my photos.

+ Golf season is starting.

+ State DECA was great.

+ I got a medal.

+ The sun is starting to shine.

+ Spring is here!

And now I am going to take my lovely friend's senior pictures. I love life.